• Fighting Sex Trafficking of Children | CWK#007

    Sex trafficking of children isn’t a problem just in other countries – it’s happening in America as well, and communities need to bring resources from multiple sources together to combat it. On the latest Conversations with KidsPeace podcast, we discuss the work that’s being done in Pennsylvania’s Le...
    Jul 10 2018
  • Getting Lost In TechnoReality | CWK#006

    On the Conversations with KidsPeace podcast, a special episode focused on the new issue of KidsPeace’s Healing Magazine and the topic of excessive social media and Internet use among children.  Hear from three experts who authored articles in the magazine’s special section “Getting Lost in TechnoRea...
    Jun 05 2018
  • Fostering Opioid Impacted Infants | CWK#005

    One of the heart-breaking aspects of America’s opioid epidemic is its impact on foster care – especially when it comes to babies whose mothers used the drugs during pregnancy. In one Pennsylvania community, KidsPeace Foster Care is working to bring answers and hope to foster parents and healthcare w...
    May 14 2018
  • Foster Care – What’s Next? | CWK#004

    Significant changes are rocking the foster care system in America. What’s next for foster care and the kids who need it?  In this episode of the podcast series “Conversations with KidsPeace,” we mark National Foster Care Month in May by hearing from KidsPeace foster care specialists Bryan Hoffstette...
    Apr 23 2018
  • Too Many Meds? Discussing Polypharmacy – CWK#003

    When children with mental or behavioral health issues are put onto multiple psychotropic medications at the same time, there are concerns about long-term effectiveness and side effects. In this conversation, Dr. Ashleigh Anderson discusses this issue of polypharmacy and how KidsPeace works to minimi...
    Apr 02 2018
  • Mental Health First Aid – CWK002

    We all know the importance of first aid for physical ailments. Now, a national group is promoting a similar approach to helping folks in mental health or emotional crises. KidsPeace’s Rob Harvey discusses his work as a trainer for Mental Health First Aid – what it is, and who should consider getting...
    Mar 08 2018