• Combating Mental Health Stigma | CWK#015

    It may be the single biggest barrier to seeking help for many suffering from a mental health condition – the stigma society associates with mental illness.  In our podcast series, host Bob Martin talks with author Michael Schlossberg and Dr. Matthew Koval as they take on the issue of stigma from per...
    Feb 12 2019
  • Gender Diversity | CWK#014

    (PLEASE NOTE: The audio of this episode’s discussion has been edited for privacy needs.) Mental health professionals, along with many families and individuals, are dealing with the implications of gender diversity, as society moves from a binary view of gender to multiple gender models.  On this Con...
    Jan 22 2019
  • Holiday Stress Is Coming To Town | CWK#013

    It’s holiday time on the “Conversations with KidsPeace” podcast – actually, it’s holiday stress that guests Adrienne Pauling and Michelle Callahan discuss with host Bob Martin.  They offer tips on navigating money concerns, grief, family conflicts and overscheduling – as well as a foolproof way to c...
    Nov 29 2018
  • De-Escalation | CWK#012

    On the Conversations with KidsPeace podcast, we look at the latest issue of Healing Magazine and its focus on de-escalation of kids in crisis.  We talk with the head of an organization promoting a comprehensive strategy for defusing situations quickly and effectively.  We also discuss what therapist...
    Nov 21 2018
  • Foster Talk | CWK#011

    On the latest Conversations with KidsPeace podcast, the two foster parents behind the “Foster Talk” feature on fostercare.com talk about how they hope the blog series can provide guidance to both foster parents and those considering fostering. Bob Martin hosts. To subscribe to the podcast, go to iTu...
    Nov 02 2018
  • Introducing Daysha | CWK#010

    On our podcast, we invite you to meet an Indiana foster teen and hear her insights about how she grew from a troubled child into a college student and scholarship recipient. Introducing the remarkable Daysha Copeland, on the latest episode of “Conversations with KidsPeace.”  Bob Martin hosts. To sub...
    Oct 09 2018