TeenCentral and the COVID19 Crisis | CWK#028

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On a special edition of the “Conversations with KidsPeace” podcast, we discuss KidsPeace’s TeenCentral.com service and the role it can play amid the COVID-19 crisis.  

TeenCentral.com leader Jodi Whitcomb offers insights into how her team is providing specific information on coping with COVID-19, while continuing to give young people a safe place to ask questions, share stories and seek advice in a time when they may feel more alone than ever before.  Bob Martin hosts.

Podcast Show Notes


What is TeenCentral.com and how would you describe the service?


What is the process for submitting a story and getting a response?


You became responsible for TeenCentral.com just before the Coronavirus outbreak reached the U.S. What is it about the service that you saw as important as a response to the crisis?


Are you seeing the crisis being represented in what the young people are writing in their stories?


What are some of the new items on the site that address the COVID-19 crisis?


If you’re someone who has a teen or young person in their lives, and think TeenCentral.com would be beneficial for them, how could they let that person know about it without seeming to be meddling or interfering in the youth’s life?


What’s your life hack?
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