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How to SURVIVE teenage attraction and angst | CWK#027

By February 10, 2020March 10th, 2021No Comments

The Conversations with KidsPeace podcast returns for its third season just in time for Valentine’s Day 2020 – and examines the phenomenon of “young love”…

Therapist Breannah Allen discusses how young people deal with romantic attraction and attachments, and ways parents can help them navigate those situations.  Bob Martin hosts.

Audio Podcast Show Notes


It seems like pre-teens and teenagers often form romantic attachments to peers, and these can involve intense emotions. There’s lots of advice out there for parents on discussing the difficult subject of sex – having “the talk” and all that -- but is there a need for parents to understand and deal with the emotions around these attachments separate from the sexual issues?


Is there a consensus on the age when this dynamic of romantic attraction is more likely to emerge?


What are some common factors that contribute to a young person developing these intense feelings?


Are there negative consequences for the young person’s development resulting from the forming of a romantic relationship and the intense emotions sparking the relationship?


How can parents support their kids through these situations, recognizing that forming social bonds like this is part of normal development, and without dismissing their feelings?


We ask each guest to give us a “life hack” – a favorite saying, a piece of good advice, maybe just a tip on how to doing something better. Breannah, what’s your life hack today?
Bob Martin

Bob Martin is the Director of Communications at KidsPeace. 800-25-PEACE, ext. 7797 |