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KidsPeace Outreach & Consulting

A nationally recognized management consulting group with comprehensive experience in healthcare.

A look through
the Spyglass

KidsPeace Outreach and Consulting, formerly called Spyglass Solutions, is a patient-focused and results-driven platform for providing broad-based consulting and innovative behavioral healthcare products. We provide workable solutions so that you can focus on long-term success.

-Some Of Our Partners-

-Consulting Team-

Ray Culp

Ray Culp

Strategic Planning & Growth
Dominick Disalvo

Dominick Disalvo

Clinical Data (KPIs)
Bryan Facchiano

Bryan Facchiano

Enterprise Applications
Chris Ferry

Chris Ferry

Program Evaluations
Ken Garavaglia

Ken Garavaglia

Marketing & Payor Relations
Bob Martin

Bob Martin

Communications & Branding
Ann McCauley

Ann McCauley

Fundraising / Board Development
Benjamin Steefel

Benjamin Steefel

Business Development
Leo Wentline

Leo Wentline

Information Technology
Jodi Whitcomb

Jodi Whitcomb

Training & Oasis
Mike Slack

Mike Slack

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Our consultants provide strategic planning, succession planning, board development, and other tactical services to organizations. We work with our partners to design and complete the right strategic process to meet your organization’s unique needs. 

We want to be sure your organization is addressing real community needs and challenges in an efficient and pragmatic way. We support our partners in being adaptive and prepared to meet their goals. Our strategic planning process is comprehensive. Whether we are working with a small, start-up community agency or a large, well-established organization, we provide all of the necessary resources for our partners to look in, look out, and look ahead:

  • Veteran thought leadership
  • A third-person business perspective
  • Strategic planning process management
  • SWOT review
  • Customer surveying
  • Employee surveying
  • Communications and messaging expertise
  • Media services (videography, digital media, etc.)
  • Project management
  • Detailed market intelligence and competitive environment overview
  • Collateral materials and detailed presentation for Board/Committee review

Program Evaluation

KidsPeace consulting provides program evaluation, applied social research, and organization development consulting services to national and local nonprofits, community-based organizations, educational institutions, philanthropies, corporations, and state and federal agencies. 

Program evaluations are periodic studies that an agency or organization will undertake to determine the effectiveness of a specific program or intervention, or to answer critical questions about a program. Spyglass consultants work with our partners to evaluate both the implementation and impact of their services. Through our analytical process, we can make comprehensive improvement recommendations to help you plan for a sustainable future. Once our team completes a program evaluation, we provide our partners with a comprehensive written summary of our findings including:

  • Overall summary of programming
  • Staffing pattern and compensation analysis
  • Training needs and deficiencies
  • Funding research and analysis
  • Opportunities for new services modalities
  • Opportunities for new care systems
  • Comprehensive written recommendations for a sustainable future

Technology & Innovation

The technology team at KidsPeace has knowledge of modern tools and services that help enable our partners with customized and creative solutions that focus on security, scalability, and integrity. We want to build the infrastructure that you want, so our process is tailored to your organization. Our industry experts will listen to your agency’s ideas and collaborate with you to see those ideas to fruition. In an ever-evolving individualized care system, we work with our partners to make sure that clients receive individual care for individual needs without overcomplicating technology systems.

The process of modernizing can be intimidating. How much time will it take? How much will it cost? How will staff output be impacted while our employees get used to the new service? These are all critical questions that we consider seriously throughout the process. As we get to know you and your organization, we ‘ll tactfully generate a map to mitigate IT growing pains and support a seamless modernization of your technology services. Our goal is to optimize internal processes, improve technology infrastructure and create dynamic digital tools that will become part of your future:

  • Opportunity to support process improvement
  • Process feedback loops as a third party strategizer
  • Technology process check-ups
  • Regulatory alignment
  • Evaluation and recommendation of process and technology
  • Prevent aimlessly throwing money at new products that don’t solve problems
  • Data integration support and remove business practice silos
  • Full service IT management
  • Optimize Telehealth, fieldwork, and other mobility practices

Branding & Communication

Our team of experienced branding and communications professionals support our partners in creating professional and consistent content. In addition to the services being provided, how your organization communicates – look and sound – will carry your reputation through communities and the clients you are looking to support. 

The KidsPeace communications team has one goal: Make sure that the quality of your external branding and messaging is the same quality as your business.

Inevitably, messaging reflects value. Our consultants help our partners to identify blind spots in their communications plans, enhance the consistency of their collateral output, and build thoughtful, professional content. Some of the branding and communications services we provide include:

  • Detailed branding and communications strategy
  • Print materials
  • Video production and editing
  • Web design
  • Web content
  • Hard signage
  • Internal communication review and management
  • Communications counsel

Oasis Crisis Response Support

KidsPeace is the exclusive management partner for the Oasis Response Team, an innovative solution for community crisis support. The Oasis Response Team is a highly trained group of professionals located in Pennsylvania who routinely respond to community-based crisis in-person or virtually. 

Unfortunately, tragedy strikes swiftly and without warning. Whether impacting a school, workplace, or community, when a crisis occurs, internal support staff are frequently tasked with due diligence, paperwork, and other regulatory processes which distract from being able to effectively debrief those impacted by the tragedy. The Oasis Response Team is quickly called into a crisis situation to directly engage with those impacted. One school administrator commented following a crisis response: “It was amazing to see our staff decompress… I don’t think that many even realized how stressed they actually are.”

Some of the crisis events we have responded to include:

  • School shootings and community violence
  • Natural disasters
  • Major accidents
  • Suicide and accidental deaths
  • Staff, teacher, and faculty deaths
  • Terror attacks on September 11, 2001

Oasis Engage for Retention

Oasis Engage is an innovative solution to address the organizational challenges of staff retention and team building. Led by Jodi Whitcomb, Senior Consultant, our Oasis programming is cultivated specifically to meet the needs of your agency and your teams. 87% of human resources leaders consider staff retention as their #1 priority and we’re here to help.

Oasis Engage is a professional training and product service used to reduce burnout, process vicarious workplace trauma, manage compassion fatigue and work stress, decrease anxiety, and exponentially improve employee engagement in the workplace. The Oasis certification process is a three-day, intensive training provided to members of your team who you have designated as Oasis Engage Professionals. Once trained, your Oasis staff will be armed with resources and tools to address critical workplace causes of staff turnover and support proactive engagement and team building exercises.

In a survey of more than 100 professionals who have worked with Oasis, 99% said that they would recommend it to their colleagues.

Why is staff retention and team building critical for organizational success?

  • The average employee exit costs 33% of their annual salary
  • A lack of appropriate management skills and resources makes employees 4x more likely to resign
  • Employees that don’t feel recognized when they do great work are 2x more likely to be job hunting
  • Millennials are 22x more likely to work for a company with a high trust culture
  • 95% of HR leaders admit employee burnout is sabotaging workforce retention
  • Employees who believe their company has a higher purpose than just profits are 27% more likely to stay at their companies
  • Employees who are committed and engaged at work perform 20% better and are 87% less likely to leave their current company

Behavioral Health Trainings

Our training and development team has more than a century of collective experience providing a wide range of courses to providers, teachers, students, and other community stakeholders. Although our staff is headquartered in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, training more than 1,000 professionally on-site annually, we also deliver trainings via Zoom throughout North America. We frequently work with our partners to cultivate training plans and develop new training curriculums to meet their needs. In addition to professional training, we provide education to students (K-12) on vital behavioral health topics. 

Our trainings:

  • Understanding the difference between behavioral problems and mental health
  • Social media management, impact, and tips
  • Understanding the difference between stress and anxiety and understanding the impact they have
  • Introduction to trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Additions 101 and substance use disorder
  • De-escalation and emotional regulation including resources to use with youth
  • CPR and first aid
  • Leadership development in healthcare
  • Trauma informed care and intervention
  • QPR: Question Persuade Refer
  • Mental health first aid
  • Lifespace crisis intervention (LSCI)
  • The angry smile
  • Additional trainings available by request

Development Projects

For more than a hundred years, KidsPeace professionals have supported local communities, government, and other stakeholders to develop efficient and innovative behavioral health service models. Our project team manages the full lifecycle of a new venture from market research, budgeting, siting and proposal through to staffing, implementation, policy and completion. In addition to expanding care systems, our staff partner with county, state, and federal agencies to troubleshoot existing pain points and service gaps. 

Our projects:

  • Psychiatric hospital
  • Residential
  • Alternative education
  • Outpatient
  • Substance use disorder
  • Behavioral health urgent care
  • Mobile crisis
  • Intellectual and developmental disability support
  • Foster care (traditional, therapeutic, professional)
  • Adoption
  • Group and respite housing
  • Case management

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