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Child & Family Treatment and Support Services

CFTSS are mental health services under New York State (NYS) Children’s Medicaid provided at home or in the community, at no additional cost to the client or family. They give young people and their families the power to improve their health, well-being and quality of life.

To be eligible for CFTSS, the child/youth must be under 21, enrolled in Medicaid, and in need of help with social, emotional or behavioral health challenges.

CFTSS offerings available through KidsPeace help and support young people with behavioral, mental health and substance use needs.  The services are aimed at helping the client develop coping skills (to manage emotions), while improving their relationships with doctors and other health providers.  The program also provides assistance in building better relationships in general through collaboration with family members, school personnel and the community at large.  Program personnel also provide needed support with advocacy for  a child’s needs and helping develop goals for their treatment.

Approved CFTSS Rehabilitative Services from KidsPeace New York:

Other Licensed Practitioner (OLP) Services

  • Licensed Evaluation & Assessments
  • Initial and On going Treatment Planning
  • Crisis Intervention
  • On going Psychotherapy (individual and family)

Approved CFTSS Rehabilitative Services from KidsPeace New York:

Community Psychiatric Supports and Treatment (CPST) – Goal-directed supports and solution-focused interventions intended to address challenges associated with a behavioral health need, and to achieve identified goals or objectives as set forth in the child’s treatment plan.

Available services include:

  • Intensive Interventions (Counseling)
  • Crisis Avoidance (Counseling)
  • Intermediate Term Crisis Management (Counseling)
  • Rehabilitative Psychoeducation
  • Strengths-Based Service Planning
  • Rehabilitative Supports

Approved CFTSS Rehabilitative Services from KidsPeace New York:

Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) – Services designed to restore, rehabilitate and support a child/youth’s developmentally appropriate functioning, as necessary for their integration as an active and productive member of their family and community:

  • Social and Interpersonal Skills
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Community Integration

The goal of PSR is that the individual eventually requires only a minimal amount of ongoing professional intervention.

CASSP Core Principles

All these services are guided by core principles inherent in the children’s behavioral health system, known as the CASSP (Child and Adolescent Service System Program) principles:

  • Child-centered: Services are planned to meet the individual needs of the child.
  • Family-focused: The family is the primary support system for the child and it is important to help empower the family to advocate for themselves.
  • Community-based: When possible, services are delivered in the child’s home community, drawing on formal and informal resources to promote the child’s successful participation in the community.
  • Multi-system: Services are planned in collaboration with all the child-serving systems involved in the child’s life.
  • Culturally competent: Culture determines our worldview and provides a general design for living and patterns for interpreting reality that are reflected in our behavior.
  • Least restrictive/least intrusive: Services take place in settings that are the most appropriate and natural for the child and family.


Anyone who knows a child/youth who may need these services, or a youth who believes they personally need these services, can make a referral to a CFTSS provider. If your child is enrolled in a Health Home, you can also ask your Health Home Care Manager.  CFTSS OLP workers will work with the child and family to determine which service(s) best meet the individual needs of the child.