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Giving hope, help and healing to children, adults and those who love them.

KidsPeace Stories

Stories of resilience and healing, made possible by the expertise and caring of KidsPeace’s dedicated staff.

Kayla’s Story

The video, Kayla’s Story, is told through the KidsPeace “Lending My Voice” technique – which captures the essence of the family’s inspirational journey while protecting them from the re-traumatizing effects of the continuing stigma surrounding mental health issues in our society.

Margie’s Story

Meet Margie – a woman who came to KidsPeace residential treatment as a teenager with a history of trauma and self-harming – and the belief that none of the authority figures in her life cared about her safety.  But at KidsPeace, she says, she found caring staff that could help provide a safe place for her to work through her challenges.  

Rob’s Story

Rob Scott became fascinated with bicycling a decade ago, as he sought to improve his health.  Now, as a program director at KidsPeace’s Orchard Hills Campus, he’s turned that interest – with support from fellow KidsPeace leaders – into a therapeutic recreation program for our kids.

Conversations with

KidsPeace Podcast

Advice, information and inspiration from the experts at the leading provider of mental and behavioral health services for children, adults and those who love them.

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