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Cards CONNECTING Humanity | CWK#31

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Amid COVID-19 and other challenges that are dividing our society, the latest edition of Conversations with KidsPeace podcast tells an inspirational story of connection.  

Host Bob Martin talks with a recreational therapist about how kids in our residential treatment program found a way to share a message of hope with residents of local nursing homes, as both face the stress of pandemic lockdowns.

Video Podcast Show Notes


To set the stage for this story, can you explain briefly the work of your Community Living team at the residential programs?


In light of COVID-19, someone suggested an idea to connect our kids with folks in local nursing homes – what was that idea and why did it appeal to you?


Were you surprised at the response you got from the kids, when this idea was presented to them?


The cards, and we’re going to show pictures of them on the podcast video, are handmade, and some of the messaging seems very personal. Do you think the kids recognized the connection between their situation, with our campus in lockdown and no visitors, and what the nursing home folks were dealing with as well?


Tell me about the ones with jokes?


Can you share a couple of the cards and their messaging?


In terms of our clients and progress they’re making in our program, what do you think the kids will take away from making the cards and sending them to help cheer up someone else?


What will you and your team take away from this experience?


Normally, we ask our guests for a “life hack” that’s a favorite saying or piece of advice. But this time I wonder if you can share a sentiment of hope and inspiration from one of the cards the kids made...
Bob Martin

Bob Martin is the Director of Communications at KidsPeace. 800-25-PEACE, ext. 7797 |

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