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Every year, our free resources bring valuable information and a message of hope to millions of children and their families around the world. We value these opportunities to educate those in need. It’s just one of the ways we help keep manageable problems from becoming life crises. All files are in PDF format. CLICK ON IMAGE

7 Strategies

Of Effective Parenting

15 Ways

To Help Your Child Through Crisis

24 Ways

You Can Prevent Child Abuse

Parenting Flyers

KidsPeace believes that mothers and fathers are the single most powerful support system for kids. With this in mind, we publish parenting resources for moms and dads who may be struggling with all types of parenting issues. KidsPeace parenting resources have been distributed to more than 10 million homes, classrooms and doctors’ offices around the country. Contact us for more information.

Grief Packet

A great resource for anyone experiencing grief, this packet was mailed to school districts in California, Colorado, Maryland, Minnesota and New York following school shootings and national tragedies.        

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Make Healthy Eating Fun for Kids

Helping kids eat healthy is more important than ever before. Obesity is the number one health problem America’s kids face today and experts estimate that by 2010, more than half of our children will be overweight. This brochure, created by KidsPeace, alongside top doctors, child psychiatrists, and child development experts, with the support of consumer concept group Mass Connections, offers information and advice to help battle childhood obesity at and beyond the dinner table.

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Suicide Prevention

There are a number of reasons why children, like adults, may find themselves thinking the unthinkable. Alarmingly, in recent years, suicide has increased dramatically and, sadly, more and more of our children are choosing to end their lives rather than face the hardships the world hurls at them. This brochure provides suicide facts, signs you must not ignore, and intervention techniques.

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