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Top 10 Reasons to Get COVID-19 Vaccination

By January 8, 2021No Comments

As the new year dawned, COVID-19 vaccinations began to be offered to KidsPeace associates – and many of them asked Chief Medical Officer Dr. Matthew Koval why they should get the shots.  He shared with Ask the Experts what he shared with colleagues: his own “Top 10 List” of reasons to receive the COVID-19 vaccine:

#10 It’s Free!  Yup, the COVID-19 vaccine is 100% free.  No co-pay, no nothing.

#9 It’s highly effective.  The two COVID-19 vaccines in use in the United States currently are from Pfizer and Moderna.  Both vaccines are around 95% effective!  This vaccine is way more effective than the flu vaccine which varies year to year but averages around 40%.

#8 It’s safe!  Even though the COVID-19 vaccine is new, the technology used to create it (known as “messenger RNA” or mRNA) has been around for TWO DECADES!  By the way, all that mRNA does is tell your body’s cell to make proteins – in this case, antibodies to the spikey parts of the Coronavirus organism.  mRNA DOES NOT affect your cell’s DNA or your chromosome/genes.  In fact, it never even goes into the nucleus of the cell, where all your DNA lives!  

Safety studies were done with the COVID-19 vaccines with tens of thousands of patients and many millions of people have already received them with very few problems.

#7 Even if you do get COVID-19 after you are vaccinated, the vaccine protects you from getting seriously ill.  It’s the joy of gaining immunity without the risk of getting really sick — a win!

#6 Protect those around you.  Being vaccinated helps prevent you from getting COVID-19, so you are less likely to spread the disease to others –  especially the vulnerable population (Got grandparents, anybody?).

#5 Protect yourself.  Even though you may have heard some people do not get very sick from COVID-19, you have NO WAY of knowing how COVID-19 will affect YOU.  Some people die from it and others have had debilitating long-term effects. That’s not a risk you want to take!

#4 Keep your cash flow strong!  As stated, getting the vaccine stops you from getting COVID-19 and getting sick.  This stops you from having to be out of work and losing money …  CHA-CHING!

#3 The COVID-19 Vaccine DOES NOT GIVE YOU COVID!  Does not – because it CANNOT – it’s NOT possible!  The COVID-19 vaccine does not include a live COVID virus, therefore it is impossible for the vaccine to give you COVID-19.  You may have some common vaccine side effects like a sore arm, a little fever, or some fatigue, but that is just the signal that your body’s immune building factory has been turned on and is raring to go!

#2 It’s the RIGHT thing to do.  ‘Nuff said.


#1 It’s the quickest way we can all get BACK TO NORMAL!  NO more masks!  NO more distancing!  Paper towels back in the stores!  No more endless ZOOM meetings!  Hugs with grandma!  Parties!  Sporting events!  Need I say more??


Matthew Koval, M.D.

Matthew S. Koval, M.D., is Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at KidsPeace.