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Communications and Creative Services Wins National Recognition

By May 14, 2024May 29th, 2024No Comments

KidsPeace’s Communications/Creative Services group have won top honors in two national marketing and advertising competitions for 2023.

The pieces received Gold Awards in both the 41st annual Healthcare Advertising Awards and the 23rd Annual Aster Awards competitions – giving the KidsPeace function top honors in four such national competitions since 2020.

In the Aster Awards competition, KidsPeace received Gold Award recognition for four of its entries:

  • The organization’s 2022 Annual Report, which used the metaphor of the creation of “sea glass” to highlight the transformative potential of programs for youth facing mental health challenges, while detailing KidsPeace’s clinical and financial performance during the year
  • A promotional mailer for summertime referrals to KidsPeace Children’s Hospital, also based on the “sea glass transformation” theme
  • The Fall/Winter 2023 edition of KidsPeace’s Healing Magazine, featuring a special section on the post-pandemic evolution of the mental healthcare workforce
  • Rob’s Story, an installment of the video series KidsPeace Stories (, which featured a longtime employee’s championing of mountain biking as an element in helping youth in programming at the KidsPeace Orchard Hills Campus develop an appreciation for bicycle engineering, nature and physical fitness. 

The Rob’s Story video also earned Gold Award recognition In the Healthcare Advertising Awards, as did the Web-enabled presentation of the 2022 Annual Report for the KidsPeace website.  The print version of the annual report and the summer referral mailer won Silver Awards in the HAA competition, which describes itself as “the oldest, largest and most widely respected” program of its kind.  

All the entries were conceived, designed and executed by KidsPeace’s Communications / Creative Services team, based at the organization’s administrative offices in Schnecksville, PA.  The team includes Robert Martin, KidsPeace’s director of communications and engagement; Shawn Parker, manager of creative services; and Robbie Allred, web/video producer.

Martin thanked leadership at KidsPeace for supporting the team’s efforts to raise the profile and reputation of the organization among key stakeholder groups. “What we do, in simplest terms, is tell stories about our programs, our associates and our kids and their successes in overcoming the challenges they face.  It’s satisfying to receive recognition from our peers in the marketing and advertising field, but it also motivates us to continue to tell these stories so that KidsPeace and its people get the recognition THEY deserve,” he said.

Bob Martin

Bob Martin is the Director of Communications at KidsPeace. 800-25-PEACE, ext. 7797 |