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2022 KidsPeace Annual Report

Prized by beach lovers the world over, Sea Glass begins as material that appears broken and discarded.  Over time, the experience of the cycles of the ocean transform the object – wearing down its jagged edges, polishing its surfaces and unlocking the beauty within.  As the ocean deposits the transformed sea glass back onto land, the effect is dazzling – and life-affirming.

Much like sea glass, the children and adults who seek Hope, Help and Healing through the programs at KidsPeace may appear broken and lost at first. But just as the ocean’s actions can transform discarded material into beauty, the efforts of the therapeutic and support personnel at KidsPeace are aimed at unlocking our clients’ potential to overcome their challenges, and to be seen as the brilliant jewels they truly are.


Admissions in 2022


Clients Served in Programs – 2022


Episodes of Care Delivered in 2022


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Children & Families Served since 1882

Each year, KidsPeace surveys its clients to gauge how well we met or exceeded their expectations in areas that comprise the foundation of our care-giving philosophy – the KidsPeace Model of Care.


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In 2021 we launched a video series called “KidsPeace Stories” – providing insight into the impact of KidsPeace’s programs on the lives of the people they serve.

“It’s a bald eagle. They are known for having very good vision.  But this bird is wearing glasses because sometimes we need to see life in a different perspective…   And that’s what these children need, and that’s what the therapists at KidsPeace do – they change the perspective of that child’s life to see it differently.”

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“Kids just want to be kids.  They love to play. They love to have fun. They all come at you at a different angle. There’s no one perception of a kid at KidsPeace. They’re so unique because they have so much to offer… I don’t ask them to trust me, I SHOW them they can trust me.  Once they trust you, they open up.  And then that will surprise you …”  

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83% of all revenue goes directly into program expenses.

“The post-COVID-19 pandemic rise in the demand for mental health services is already remaking our field – ending the stigma around seeking help, and raising awareness of the increasing and widespread conditions so many kids and adults are facing.  This period of rapid change brings many key challenges for providers like KidsPeace – especially in the workforce development and funding areas. 

But in reinforcing the need for the services we provide, this time of change also reminds us of the contribution of our people in providing Hope, Help and Healing to the growing number of individuals and families who need our care now more than ever. “

-Michael W. Slack, President & CEO

Year In Review
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