L. LeBoeuf

Board Certification | Child & Adolescent Psychiatry/Adult Psychiatry

Medical School | Albany Medical College

Residency General Adult | Medical College of Pennsylvania

Fellowship Child & Adolescent | Philadelphia Child Guidance Center
Dr. LeBoeuf began his professional life in a very different field. His degree in mathematics and MBA from the University of California at Berkeley lead to a career in financial planning and control software. His undergraduate years, however, found him counseling emotionally disturbed children. “Ultimately, I decided to concentrate on psychiatry because I believe psychiatric and spiritual health underlie physical health,” he said.
On staff at KidsPeace for more than 10 years, Dr. LeBoeuf believes in the KidsPeace model of care. “My practice is based on the Sanctuary model,” he said. “My goal at KidsPeace is to provide a safe environment for kids with therapy, medication and shelter, in which they may learn more effective coping skills.”
The Sanctuary Model
Many KidsPeace clients are victims of past trauma who are now reacting to life with defense mechanisms learned in the past that no longer work for them. The Sanctuary Model is a trauma-informed, system-wide approach to bring out the best in children who have been through the worst. Understanding the effects of trauma includes recognizing some of the common trauma-related symptoms. These include hypervigilance, “all or nothing” thinking, aggression, poor social skills, avoidance of pain or an addiction to stress. The aim of Sanctuary is to cultivate an organizational culture featuring seven dominant characteristics: Nonviolence, Emotional Intelligence, Social Learning, Democracy, Open Communication, Social Responsibility and Growth and Change.