Donato-Duque, MD

Residential Psychiatrist

Medical School | Far Eastern University

Residency General Adult Psychiatry | State University of New York at Downstate Medical Center

Fellowship Child & Adolescent Psychiatry | State University of New York at Downstate Medical Center


Dr. Duque’s interest in child and adolescent psychiatry is a result of her own childhood experiences. Being relentlessly bullied in school was not only painful but impossible for her to understand.

Working at KidsPeace enables Dr. Duque to meet with the kids in a more productive way. “I am able to see the children more frequently and meet with them without being rushed, in a natural setting like school.”


Especially important to Dr. Duque is the Sanctuary Model used at KidsPeace. This concept of care guides individuals and organizations in understanding and treating symptoms of trauma.


We need to seriously enforce a “zero tolerance policy” in every school toward bullying. This is an initiative that needs to include every teacher, school nurse, guidance counselor and principal. Bullying is not a “rite of passage” nor is it a “character-building experience.” Bullying is a repeated action designed to hurt another person emotionally or physically. It is purposeful abuse of another person. Early identification of bullies and victims can save lives. There are increasing numbers of suicides and homicides in this population. “Hurt people hurt!” For more information on helping teenagers combat bullying, please visit the Anti-Bullying section of www.TeenCentral.Net.