S. Adams, MD

Residential Psychiatrist
Board Certification | Child & Adolescent Psychiatry/Adult Psychiatry

Medical School | Howard University

Residency General Adult | Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute

Fellowship Child & Adolescent | Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute
With an interest in both psychiatry and pediatrics, child and adolescent psychiatry was a natural fit for Dr. Adams. He also gained valuable experience while managing children’s mental health programs at Temple and Hahnemann hospitals, which encouraged him to attain his certification in administrative psychiatry. 

“Working at KidsPeace gives me an opportunity to have a positive impact on children and adolescents with a myriad of emotional and social problems. Having access to the full continuum of care and a competent, congenial staff supports that goal.”


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
This condition affects millions of children. Symptoms that may be associated with ADHD include fine motor problems, for instance with speech or handwriting; lack of organization skills; difficulty multitasking; difficulty shifting from one activity to another and social skills deficits, such as awkwardness in social situations or organized sports. Some children may experience restlessness and are often up early in the morning. Many children have these behaviors at one time or another but it does not necessarily mean they have ADHD. The variety of diagnoses and conditions that can sometimes accompany ADHD, such as mood disorders, anxiety disorders and pervasive developmental disorders, can make ADHD complex and challenging to treat. 

It is important to learn strategies and treatments to deal with these issues to prevent other symptoms such as low self esteem, poor performance in school and difficulty with relationships. Intervening early with behavioral therapy and/or medication can make a big difference. For more information and advice on this and other topics, visit