Board Certification | Child and Adolescent Psychiatry | Adult Psychiatry

Medical School | Drexel University

Residency General Adult Psychiatry | Medical University of South Carolina

Fellowship Child and Adolescent Psychiatry | Medical University of South Carolina

Dr. Clark was drawn to the field of child psychiatry because of the possible interactions between genetics and environmental factors that lead to thoughts, behaviors and emotional life.


KidsPeace is unique in its ability to provide greater access to care for the most underserved, neurologically complex and socially difficult crisis situations that children can face.


“The opportunity to see families and children overcome and manage their difficulties is amazing! The courage and dedication of the professionals who stand to support these families in the face of difficult odds is nothing short of a ‘calling’.”

Childhood Bipolar Disorder


Sometimes known as “manic depressive disorder”, bipolar disorder was rarely diagnosed in children thirty years ago. Mania is a severely neurologically impaired state of brain over-activity which leads to racing thoughts, impulsive behaviors, extreme errors in thinking, decreased need for sleep and possible psychosis. Efforts for early intervention to identify and prevent these severely devastating manic episodes has led to earlier and more frequent diagnosis in children and adolescents. Research studies over the last decade have influenced the FDA to give approval for medications used in children with the disorder.


A new diagnosis, Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD) will soon be recognized and appropriately describes children and adolescents with severe, recurrent tantrums and aggressive outbursts due to their inability to regulate their emotions. This is a more defined, less broad diagnosis which will bring more focus to those suffering from DMDD.