• Psychiatric Hospital

    KidsPeace provides a free-standing psychiatric hospital that serves community members aged 5-20.5 in four different levels of care and receives direct admissions of clients in crisis. “Offering Evidence Based Interventions including Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) overseen by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).”


    To make a referral for treatment, please call 800-854-3123

  • Residential Programs

    KidsPeace residential programs serve a variety of issues in safe, secure facilities on our campus.

    “Offering Evidence Based Interventions including, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).”

    KidsPeace now offers a residential treatment program certified by TRICARE, the program providing coverage for military families.  For more information, visit our TRICARE page. www.kidspeace.org/tricare


    To make a referral for treatment, please call 800-854-3123

  • Community Programs

    KidsPeace community programs provide services to kids, biological families, and foster families in the communities where they live, in an effort to ensure continued health and happiness for every kid. A spectrum of mental health services that include outpatient mental health clinics, partial hospitalization, autism-specific services, as well as in-home and education services are offered.

  • Foster Care & Community Programs (FCCP)

    KidsPeace offers a variety of distinct services at each of our different foster care locations.