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Foster Hope; Foster Love

Opening up your home to help a child in crisis is certainly a very special gift. Interested in becoming a 
foster parent
, but are hesitant because you have unanswered questions? Current KidsPeace foster parents 
want to give you the extra push as they answer your frequently asked questions about foster care.   


Do I have to be married to be a foster parent?   What is the most rewarding part of foster parenting?

Can I have a say in the children who are placed with us?
What if I don't know how to deal with the child placed with me?
Will I get to meet the children 
before they come to live with us?
  I don't know anything about the foster care system.
What if I messed up?
Do foster kids ever get adopted?   How do I deal with the disconnect after 
forming a bond with the foster child? 
Do you try to keep brothers and sisters together?   Who takes the foster children to
the doctor's and dentist's offices?
How am I reimbursed for the
cost of caring for a foster child?
Does my house need to be clean/immaculate all of the time?

Together Facing the Challenge

KidsPeace has partnered with Duke University and Penn State University to research and develop Together Facing the Challenge training and treatment curriculum for youth in foster care. KidsPeace Family Resource Specialist, Rebecca Cade answers the frequently asked questions regarding the program.

What is Together Facing the Challenge?  
Together Facing the Challenge - How is it different?


Together Facing the Challenge - Is it hard to use?

  What is the behavior contract in Together Facing the Challenge?

How do kids respond to Together Facing the Challenge?

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