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The KidsPeace Foster Care Philosophy
What is Important to Us

Children grow in the structured environment of a nurturing foster family, with supports from a team of treatment professionals and community resources, which emphasize the relationships that develop within this team. Relationships are key to creating attachments for the child, be it in the foster family, the birth family or with team members outside the family milieu, and, as importantly, in the connections the team makes with regulatory, funding, referral sources, and community, educational and spiritual resources.

Commitment is the characteristic of sincere and steadfast fixity of purpose. KidsPeace foster care values a demonstrated and proven commitment to provide the highest quality services to children and families. Only through each staff member’s individual commitment to this group effort can we succeed in achieving this goal.

The services we provide are supported by sound research to be effective with the population we serve in order to enhance independence from service provision as well as build skills needed for success. "Together Facing the Challenge", an evidence-based practice, is one example.  Data elements are identified throughout service delivery to monitor effectiveness. Data collected are used for program improvement as well as reporting client progress.

We aim to help kids overcome crisis by cultivating resilience within them. Resilience is the ability to overcome or adapt to adversity through the development of social, emotional, and/or educational competence regardless of one’s life problems. In order to help kids become resilient, we must be resilient ourselves and consistently model resilience for our kids, our families and our staff.

Professionalism means that we provide the utmost exemplary, quality services to every child, family, internal and external customer, and community member with whom we come into contact. In everything we do, we follow the highest guidelines of ethical practice.

Leadership in FCCP is defined by the ability to structure and communicate a shared vision to our staff and working together toward our common mission by combining quality care with business thinking.

Our goal is to make every child feel safe – To feel happy, warm and loved. To lie in bed at night knowing nothing bad will happen, secure in the fact that a dream will not be interrupted. Not fearing that everyone knows what has happened in the past.


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