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Mental Health Technicians

By December 7, 2021No Comments

Mental Health Technicians, or MHTs, are serving on the front lines of KidsPeace’s efforts to bring Hope, Help and Healing to kids in need of trauma-informed care.  They are responsible for direct supervision of the clients in our care, and ensure that they are treated with compassion and respect – with an unwavering commitment to their safety at all times.  MHTs (also known as Youth Development Specialists or Behavioral Health Professionals) are key participants in the KidsPeace individualized and interdisciplinary team treatment approach because of the supportive relationships they nurture with our kids.  

KidsPeace provides new MHTs with extensive training and shadowing of veteran staff, so that they are intimately familiar with our Model of Care and Culture of Safety.   Associates note that they have opportunities to gain practical client care experience and to advance in their careers much more quickly at KidsPeace as compared to other providers.

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