Healing Magazine | Fall/Winter 2009

Special Focus: Autism

    Meeting the Challenges of Autism

    by Will Isemann

    Helping Kids with Autism
    by Rebecca Maddocks-Wilbur

    Ever the Optimist
    by Ellen Notbohm

    Taking a Trip on the Friend Ship:
    A Look at the Sarah’s Smile Asperger’s Classroom
    by Rob Harvey

    Nonverbal and Low-communicating Autism:
    the Forgotten Half of the Spectrum
    by Portia Iversen

    All's  Fair?
    by Ellen Notbohm

    Opening Doors to Hope and Healing
    by Carol Nigro

    Know Your Own Autisms
    by William Stillman

    Passion for Autism
    by Paige Keeter

    Living with Autism
    by Marianne Toedtman

    From 2 Years to 90 Days
    by Michele Williams

Parenting Tips
    15 ways to help your child through crisis

    Healing High Fives



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