Healing Magazine | Spring/Summer 2008


Inside this issue:

Relationships and Belonging
Lorrie Henderson, Ph.D. 

Therapist's Corner® 

Start Small, Grow Tall: Therapeutic Gardening 
Fred Indenbaum, Ed.S, LPC

“You Can’t Make Me!” Disruptive Behavior Disorders 
Jackson Ranier, Ph.D.

Special Focus: Foster Care

An Overview of Treatment Foster Care
Patricia Sullivan 

The Importance of Careful Matching
Patricia Sullivan 

Letting Go
Patricia Sullivan 

One Woman’s Unique View of the System
Pat Sullivan 

Treating Foster Children for Psychological Issues
Gerald A. Zimmerman, Ph.D. 


Parenting as a Journey: A Guide to Surviving the Trip
Loren Buckner, MSW, LCSW 

Parenting Gay Youth: Creating a Supportive Environment
Linda Goldman 

24 Ways You Can Prevent Child Abuse

What to Say to the Bullied Child
Jodi Campbell, BA., Supervisor of Public Education, Clinical Training and Development for the KidsPeace Institute

Three Little Words
Ellen Notbohm 

Healing High Fives  


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