Domestic Sex Trafficking Focus of Next Healing Magazine

In the next Healing Magazine, we look at the issue of domestic sex trafficking, and hear heartbreaking stories of the impact of this practice on real people’s lives …

… She said she had run out of laundry detergent and had no shirt to wear. She asked her “friends” to borrow a shirt, and they said she would have to perform a sexual favor for it. She said yes… then it hit her: she realized that to herself she was not worth more than a shirt, and she wanted to feel she was worth more…”

“People don’t want to know. They don’t want to believe it’s true and they deny it is happening. We will never be whole….”

“…While many, if not all of the participants (in the “johns school” program) come to the group with shame and guilt surrounding their arrest, many have failed to consider the impact of their arrest on anyone but themselves, choosing to ignore the fact that their patronization might be providing the money to support a drug habit that leaves a child without a parent, or otherwise destroys a life…”

“… Do you know what we need? We just need someone to listen … someone who cares without a face of disgust and without a look of blame that says there must have been something you did to cause this…”

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