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KidsPeace is interested in the health and well-being of our employees and their families. We provide generous health and medical insurance as well as many other benefits to our employees and their dependents. All of the following benefits apply to our full-time employees. 

Health and Medical Insurance
Employees of KidsPeace and their covered dependents are eligible for medical, dental, vision and prescription benefits following 60 days of employment. Employees are also eligible for disability and life insurance as well as accidental death and serious injury benefits. Our employees receive major medical coverage in a plan that includes the employee, his or her spouse, dependent children to the age of 26.

Prescription Plan
KidsPeace offers a plan that allows prescriptions to be filled at a reasonable cost for both generic and name-brand medications. Maintenance drugs are also available through a mail order service for our employees’ convenience. 

Dental Care
KidsPeace provides dental insurance for employees and their eligible dependents. The plan emphasizes preventative services and has provisions for more complex dental procedures and orthodontics.  

Vision Care
KidsPeace also provides vision care insurance for employees and their eligible dependents. Vision care benefits are available once per two-year period.  

Worker’s Compensation
KidsPeace covers all employees, upon hire, with worker’s compensation insurance at no cost to the employee. An employee health nurse is on staff to assist our employees with work-related health issues.  

Tax-Deferred Savings Plans
Employees may also choose from several tax-deferred savings plans and investment options including a 403(b) tax-deferred retirement program [the not-for-profit version of a 401(k) retirement plan] funded by payroll deductions.  

Flexible Spending Account Plans
KidsPeace provides an opportunity for employees to pay for expenses not covered by their health-care plan with pre-tax dollars accumulated by payroll deductions. We provide a similar opportunity to pay for dependent care expenses for eligible dependents. 

Credit Union
KidsPeace is a member of People First Federal Credit Union. KidsPeace’s participation in a credit union gives our employees the opportunity to belong to a program offering a wide variety of services such as savings plans, checking accounts, payroll deductions, loans, credit cards and 24-hour banking. 

Vacation Time and Holidays
KidsPeace also has generous vacation, holiday, personal day and floating holiday policies. During the first year of employment, employees rapidly become eligible for up to 5 paid vacation days, depending upon when they start in the calendar year. During the second year of employment, they are eligible for 10 paid vacation days. Additional accruement are as follows: 5 years —15 days; 10 years — 20 days; and 20 years — 25 days. This is in addition to 6 paid national holidays and 7 paid floating holidays that accrue throughout the year. 

Leaves of Absence
We provide a liberal number of days’ leave for sickness, bereavement, jury duty, as well as family and medical or personal leaves of absence, in accordance with the federal Family and Medical Leave Act. Our employees may also apply for an unpaid leave of absence from work for personal, military or medical reasons not covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act.  

Continuing Education Assistance Program
KidsPeace recognizes that our employees are vital resources whose talents are critical to the success of our organization. We encourage our employees to develop and improve their knowledge and skills by providing a continuing education assistance program. 

Confidential Employee Assistance Program
KidsPeace recognizes that the issues and problems in society today may exist equally within our workforce and may have a negative impact on an employee’s work performance. Therefore, KidsPeace has established a confidential employee assistance program to help our employees obtain professional assistance or resources for a wide range of issues. 

We Are Smoke-Free and Drug-Free
For the health of our staff and to set a positive, healthy example for the clients we serve, KidsPeace provides a smoke-free environment for our employees. We are also committed to providing a drug-free workplace. 



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