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Making resolutions that count for you

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calvin-resolutionIn a few short hours, we will turn the page on another calendar year.


The New Year is a common time for all of us to reflect on the past 12 months, think about things we would like to change in our lives and find ways to make the next year even better. Resolutions are shared like proclamations:

  • “I will exercise for 30 minutes a day!”
  • “I will finally lose those last 10 pounds!”
  • “I will quit smoking!”
  • “I will get a better job!”
  • “I will be less stressed!”

The most common resolutions tend to center on improved health and lifestyle. But sometimes they are too vague and sound like they could apply to anyone. How will you lose the weight? What will you do to reduce your stress? What kind of job would make you feel like you are not working, but fulfilling your life’s mission? If you cannot outline concrete actions that will help you live out your resolution, it may be that you have chosen a resolution that you think you need to embrace rather than one that you actually want to follow through on in 2014.


So this year, rather than resolving to shun sweets, run five miles a day and give up all vices at once, why not come up with some resolutions that might actually make a difference in how you look at life?

  • “I will establish a no-screen policy at dinner so my family and I can enjoy each other’s conversation.”
  • “I will say something genuinely nice to another person every day.”
  • “I will travel to one place I have never been before.”
  • “When I find myself worrying, I will remind myself of its futility.”
  • “I will take a class to learn something new.”
  • “I will go to bed earlier.”
  • “I will read at least one book a month.”
  • “I will train for a triathlon.”
  • “I will go outside on my lunch break.”
  • “I will stop talking negatively about myself.”

It does not matter so much what you resolve to do, as long as it is something that excites you, something you want to see through to the end, something that is feasible and something that improves your life or the lives of those around you. By making meaningful resolutions, it is less likely they will turn into unfulfilled promises that are forgotten by Feb. 1.


Have an innovative resolution for 2014? Share it in the comments below or on our Facebook page.


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