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Binge Drinking Becoming a Self-Medication Method for Teen Girls

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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports on recent studies showing binge drinking is a growing problem among that nation's women and teen girls.

The alcoholic beverage industry counters the claims, saying that teenage drinking is at an all time low.

Whether at a high or low, one in five high school girls binge drink, according to the CDC and the result of such engagement with alcohol is dangerous.

How often and when a person drinks alcohol is as important as how much alcohol she drinks. For example, one drink every day seven drinks each week is considered drinking in moderation for an adult. However, drinking seven drinks in one night (binging) is considered alcohol abuse.

The organization warns that the high rates of binge drinking, most likely a method of self-medication, places females at a higher risk for breast cancer, heart disease, STDs and unintended pregnancy.

Safe drinking limits vary from person to person. The U.S. Department of Agriculture and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services state this general rule: moderate drinking no more than one drink a day for most women.

It may be hard to admit that you, or someone you know, is struggling with an alcohol problem. Balancing school, family, friends, and maybe even a boyfriend or girlfriend is hard work. It can be really easy to fall into the wrong things if you are stressed out and it can also be really easy to make a bad choice when you aren't feeling yourself.

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