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KidsPeace Receives Verizon Grant to Help Stop Bullying

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KidsPeace Receives Verizon Grant to Help Stop Bullying  

On Saturday, August 20, KidsPeace officially received a generous grant from the Verizon Wireless HopeLine Program and the Verizon Foundation to fund a new anti-bullying section on TeenCentral.Net. The check was presented during KidsPeace’s 14th Annual Soccer Invitational, which was sponsored by Verizon Wireless to benefit TeenCentral.Net as well. Mario Turco, President of the Philadelphia Tri-State Region of Verizon Wireless, presented a $20,000 check to KidsPeace CEO and President Will Isemann and Director of TC.N and PC.N Dr. Julius Licata. Some 80 teams competed during the tournament, and all received information about TeenCentral.Net in their team packets.

Bullying is a serious problem that affects teens from every part of the world and is growing at alarming rates. The leadership at Verizon Wireless realizes that bullying is reaching epidemic proportions and chose TeenCentral.Net to reach out to the teens of the world to let them know that they are not alone and can receive help, counseling and information from the site to support them and help them cope with bullying by other teens at school, in their neighborhoods and in cyberspace. The $20,000 will fund the development of a comprehensive section of TeenCentral.Net to address bullying and its dangerous consequences.

Verizon Wireless has also donated funds to continue their support of the TeenCentral.Net Domestic Violence section on TeenCentral.Net.


Verizon Check


Mario Turco, President of the Philadelphia Tri-State Region of Verizon Wireless,

presents check to Dr. Julius Licata and Will Iseman



About TeenCentral.Net
TeenCentral.Net is KidsPeace’s award-winning website for teens. It is anonymous and free, and is a safe site where teens can write in with their questions and issues and receive advice from Master’s and PhD level counselors within 24 hours. More than half a million teens are members of TeenCentral.Net where they “log in and work it out” about any topic. The site format ensures that all posts by teens are reviewed and approved by our counselors, and responding posts from other teens are screened before being published as well.

In addition to teen posts, TeenCentral.Net also contains pages that address important topics for teens such as domestic and dating abuse, weight issues, smoking cessation, books of interest to teens and news. Additionally, TeenCentral.Net contains stories from celebrities in sports and entertainment who experienced and overcame similar issues when they were teens.

Earlier this year, KidsPeace launched ParentCentral.Net to help parents deal with the issues of raising children in today’s world. Similar to TeenCentral.Net, ParentCentral.Net offers educational information and replies to posts by parents within 24 hours. The Bullying section on TeenCentral.Net will also be accessible to members of ParentCentral.Net, helping parents recognize the signs that their children are being bullied or bullying other youth.

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