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As an infant Texas boy Miguel Morin was kidnapped from his home in Houston. Morin, now eight years old, was found in March 140 miles from his home. Since his finding, he has been in foster care. Morin’s parents remain residents of Houston and are eager to be permanently reunited with their son. But until that can happen, weekly joint therapy sessions are being held with child welfare officials.

The Associated Press quotes a spokeswoman for Child Protective Services in Houston saying, “ We wanted to do what was in the best interest of Miguel and make the transition smooth and less traumatic for him.”

With foster care a great branch of KidsPeace, it is vital that we too, have such therapy-based settings for our children and their families. The Foster Care and Community Programs Aftercare service assists with family reintegration tasks when children and teens return to their families following a foster care or residential placement. The goal is to ensure family system stability and minimize the possibility of children re-entering care.

The program serves any youngster under the age of 18 who has been in foster care or residential placement, as well as the family/adult with whom the child resides.

A written plan will be developed and made specific to the identified needs of each family. The plan will focus on results and accountability and will be developed within 30 days of the commencement of aftercare services. County workers, parents and the child will be consulted when preparing the plan, and all parties will need to agree to the plan components. It will be revised every two months thereafter. A safety inspection will be completed upon the first visit to the home, and written safety assessments will be completed not less than once each month throughout the service term. The aftercare worker will keep written progress notes related to the case. A discharge summary will be prepared when services end.

No matter the circumstances it is a goal of KidsPeace to, when able, reunite foster children with their parents. It is through slow processes such as the KidsPeace Aftercare program that readjustment can occur at successful rates.

A court order was made today that joint sessions continue and Miguel Morin remain in foster care until the next court date, set in early January.

For more information on KidsPeace's Aftercare program view the program's fact sheet.
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