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KidsPeace Psychiatric Hospital Now Offers Direct Admission

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KidsPeace has been providing services to children and teens in the Lehigh Valley since 1882. To streamline the process of admitting children, teens and young adults to the KidsPeace Psychiatric Hospital, the nonprofit organization now offers Direct Admission to the Hospital for clients who meet direct admit requirements. In many cases, this new process may eliminate long emergency room waits and allow clients to come directly to the Psychiatric Hospital in Orefield, PA.

Parents, pediatricians, family practioners and counselors may now call the KidsPeace Psychiatric Hospital directly to receive telephone screening and pre-certification for admission. If the youth meets admission criteria, the youth will be given an appointment to come directly to the Psychiatric Hospital for admission completion. The Psychiatric Hospital serves males and females ages 4 to 21 who require acute care in an intensive, secure, safe setting that will stabilize presenting problems.

Admitted clients include individuals who have been evaluated by a private therapist, physician or school counselor and deemed in need of Inpatient treatment. KidsPeace screens these individuals to ensure that they are not under the influence of substances and are not in need of significant medical treatment. If the youth cannot be admitted, KidsPeace staff will discuss alternative treatment options with the family. In some cases, families will be directed to visit an emergency room for evaluation prior to coming to KidsPeace.

This new admission process will lead to smoother, more efficient acceptance to the KidsPeace Psychiatric Hospital and allow many clients to be come directly to KidsPeace in times of crisis. Please be sure to call KidsPeace Psychiatric Hospital before coming to the facility. For more information, please contact the Admissions Staff of the KidsPeace Psychiatric Hospital at 610-799-8990.

KidsPeace Team Raises Money for Autism Speaks

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Saturday, April 17, was a day of diverse community members coming together for one great purpose -- to raise funds to support Autism Speaks and raise public awareness of the growing number of autistic children being diagnosed in our neighborhoods, states and nation. KidsPeace's "KidsPeace Kares" team was the largest in the group of walkers, consisting 150 associates from our Community Autism Services, executive and residential departments, as well as children who receive outpatient and residential services from KidsPeace in the Lehigh Valley. Disc jockeys from local radio station WLEV walked on the KidsPeace team, as did parents of children in our programs. We raised more than $3,000 so far, but more donations will be coming in until August. Colorful shirts identified the KidsPeace team members, and the spirit and camaraderie of our group was palpable and exciting to behold. A big thank you to all who participated and to all who donated to make our efforts so successful.

Autism Walk Team


KidsPeace CFO/Treasurer Tim Richards joins Rob Harvey and Paige Keeter from Autism Services to walk with KidsPeace team





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