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Enhancing communication creates a more successful work environment

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By Denise Morganthall


As workplaces become more diverse the need to communicate properly becomes critical. Good communication between managers and employees, customers and employees and employees and clients is essential to operating a successful business. But though communication is recognized as key to a successful work environment, companies often struggle with poor communication. These are some deterrents to effective communication:


communication_business_leadership_kidspeace1. Lack of leadership: Employees look to their leaders for direction. If managers lack leadership skills, it can stunt the growth of a company.


2. Unclear goals and duties: Before an employee begins work each day, he should have a proper understanding of what is expected in his role.


3.  Under-trained employees: An untrained employee will cost the company more money in the long run when they leave to pursue a career with more options. The more a new employee knows about the organization, and how his role affects the overall success of the company, the better the employee is able to communicate with leaders and colleagues.


Employees are more motivated when they have the opportunity to provide feedback about day-to-day operations, share ideas or get involved in decision making. When employees become disengaged from the company, they lose sight of their goals and are less likely to become invested in the company’s success. Low employee morale is usually what causes an employee to feel this way and further inhibits good communication.


Another consideration is how we communicate, often relying on phone conversations or e-mail, which can be impersonal and lead to misunderstandings. Face-to-face communication is a better choice and allows for an exchange of ideas. 

Slow down and enjoy life

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By Denise Morganthall


Life is what is happening to you right now, not what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow. Astress_sunflowers_relax_kidspeacend the last thing you want to do is miss it.


Did you rush of to work this morning without really taking the time to taste that cup of coffee?


Did you rush through washing the dishes and miss what was going on in the yard right outside your kitchen window?


Taking the time to realize what you are doing, when you are doing it, is a key facet of slowing down and living a simpler life. But even more important is just taking the time to BE, at least once a day – taking it all in, enjoying the quiet, watching the clouds or enjoying a cup of your favorite tea while resting your body. Start enjoying the simple things in life.

Residential Treatment Facilities help with variety of mental health issues

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Orchard Hills Campus in OrefieldBy Denise Morganthall


A Residential Treatment Facility specializes in the treatment of chemical dependency; alcoholism; or psychological problems such as bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety disorders, personality issues, PTSD and self-injury. Eating disorders, sexual problems, violence and other behavioral issues may also be addressed in these facilities.


KidsPeace offers residential treatment in Pennsylvania, Maine and Georgia as well as at Mesabi Academy, a juvenile justice facility in Minnesota. There are a variety of specializations within RTFs, but overall they have the advantage of providing an environment that may be less threatening, and more healing, than a psychiatric hospital. In addition to counseling, clients receive education and experience therapeutic recreation to put them on a path to healing.


Clients and clinicians often function like a family, allowing for a much deeper connection. Residential Treatment Facilities also offer a personal atmosphere where the client is in the company of others who suffer from similar issues. This provides a strong support structure, which results in better awareness and more rapid healing and personal growth. This makes clients more likely to return to their families and continue on a successful path.

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