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Celebrate National KidsDay!


It is a special holiday not to spend your money - but to spend your time.

It is what all the kids are asking for this year.

Here are a few ways to celebrate.

Family Scavenger Hunt
On National KidsDay morning, slip note cards under everyone’s pillow to start the scavenger  hunt. Direct them where to go for a trail of treats and promises. Hide special goodies and notes around the house (each note provides a clue for the next card or treat).  Promise notes can be as simple as “You can stay up late to watch a movie” or “You can decide where we eat tonight.”  Save and redeem these promise coupons, spreading the togetherness for months to come.

Down Memory Lane
Relax with the kids and enjoy looking through old childhood photographs of you growing up and the kids as they’ve grown up. Share your favorite memories and activities you enjoyed as a child. Take pictures on National KidsDay and start to organize, with your children, scrapbooks they can share with their kids in years to come.

Healthy Kids Chart
A fun activity that promotes good health. Create a colorful chart to keep track of healthy habits, using poster board and markers. Brainstorm with the kids about what habits should be listed (perhaps eating healthier, eating more vegetables, tooth-brushing, flossing, hair washing, etc.). Along the side of the chart, write the healthy habits. Across the top, write each family member’s name. Draw spaces to check off or apply stickers whenever the healthy habits are followed.

The Big Coupon Reversal
Instead of kids making coupons for parents, adults make a coupon for the kids. Develop a list with the kinds of things your family hasn’t had time for lately. Together, create a coupon booklet. Then kids redeem the coupon any time they want a little extra attention.

National KidsDay Bash
Celebrate National KidsDay with family, friends and neighbors. Send party invitations and ask everyone to bring their kids’ favorite dishes to share.  Have the kids create artistic table decorations and colorful placemats. Create a group graffiti board where everyone writes or draws special National KidsDay messages. Host a parent-child talent show or turn on some music and play musical chairs. Mark your calendars for the first Sunday in August and make this an annual, fun-filled event.

Sounds Like …
Play Charades as partners, teaming up at least one adult and one child. The first pair draws a movie title from the hat and leaves the room to plan how they will act out the clue. (You decide how long they get to prepare.) That pair acts out the title while the other team guesses. If the opposite team correctly guesses the clue, they are up next. Be sure to time each pair (allow 90 seconds). At the end of the game, the team with the shortest total time wins!

Neighborhood Carnival
Get together with other families in the neighborhood to plan a National KidsDay carnival!  Have the kids organize games and events such as: bucket toss, face painting, beanbag toss, craft table, funny photo dress-up booth, etc. Play a friendly game of tug or war or parent-child sack races, three-legged and wheelbarrow races or egg-on-spoon race. Remember to partner grown-ups with children and have a terrific day.

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