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KidsPeace launches online resource for teens to explore religion, faith

The new section of TeenCentral.Net offers an overview of all major religions.


Schnecksville, Pa. – Aug. 15, 2013 – Just in time for the 15th anniversary of www.TeenCentral.Net, KidsPeace has launched a new section of the website that encourages teenagers to explore their faith and learn about other religions.

The interfaith portal, www.TeenCentral.Net/religion, provides an overview of the most common world religions. Visitors can learn about the fundamental beliefs and histories of different Christian faiths, Hinduism and Buddhism. The site will expand as KidsPeace receives funding to provide additional details on the other religions.

The Muslim portion of the section, which was made possible through a grant from the United Muslim Foundation, based in Lake Mary, Fla., includes additional information. It offers an interactive look at the Muslim faith for both Muslims and those who wish to learn more about Islam.

“The interfaith section provides a wonderful opportunity to understand the beauty of each faith,” says Julius Licata, Director of TeenCentral.Net and ParentCentral.Net. “Built on the intersection of Faith and Belief streets, it helps teenagers learn more about their own religion while also giving them a glimpse into other faiths.”

The portal is designed to look like a bustling intersection with children and families playing in the foreground and cars driving through the neighborhood. The street is lined with religious structures, and visitors click on each one and enter to learn more about the religions. The interfaith section provides educational information, games and the opportunity for older children and teenagers to have a safe, anonymous place to explore religion and ask questions they might not feel comfortable posing in person. Like on the other sections of TeenCentral.Net, visitors log on using fictitious usernames, post questions or concerns and receive answers within 24 hours from master’s or doctorate level counselors.

KidsPeace launched TeenCentral.Net in 1998 to provide a free, safe online community where teenagers could anonymously log on, submit their stories and receive professional counseling along with advice from their peers. Topic areas include bullying, alcohol and drugs, weight awareness and dating violence, among others. The interfaith section is the third new channel unveiled this year. There are also new sections devoted to children in foster care and those who have a parent in the military.


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