Sept. 12, 2012

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KidsPeace’s Stroudsburg clinic announces fall groups 


STROUDSBURG – KidsPeace’s Outpatient Mental Health Clinic in Stroudsburg is offering a wide range of group sessions this fall and winter to help adults and children address emotional and mental health issues and devise healthy coping skills.

 Here’s a look at what’s available: 

  • Anger Management: The anger management group is designed to help children and adolescents identify the triggers that lead to angry outbursts, and to replace negative behaviors with positive coping strategies. This group will teach anger management skills such as relaxation techniques, assertiveness training and cognitive restructuring. This group will also provide a supportive network of peers and an outlet to developed improved relationship skills.  
  • Cherry Blossoms: The Cherry Blossom group is a trauma-focused group aimed at assisting adolescent females between the ages of 13 and 18 overcome issues related to childhood trauma. Topics discussed in this group include: safety, restoration of trust in relationships, assertiveness training, resiliency, empathy and healthy coping strategies. This group will utilize interactive discussions and self reflections to help adolescent females overcome traumatic life experiences. This group is run in collaboration with the Monroe County Women’s Resource Center. 
  • Recovery and prevention: The recovery and prevention groups are monthly groups that discuss various topics to help individuals maintain recovery from mental illness and focus on the promotion of mental health. Topics discussed are the relationship between psychotherapy and pharmacology, importance of adhering to a medication management regimen, the cycle of change and how it relates to recovery, automatic thoughts and permission given thoughts as they relate to unhealthy coping.  
  • Healthy coping skills: The healthy coping skills group is a group targeting adolescents who engage in risky and self injurious behaviors. This group is established to provide psycho-education on how to utilize alternate healthy coping skills to manage life stressors.   
  • Social skills: The social skills group is designed to help children and adolescents develop skills such as making friends, healthy boundaries, healthy relationships, accepting decisions of authority, disagreeing appropriately and how to communicating effectively with others.  Developing these skills will help your child become a better communicator while decreasing acting out behaviors. This group will utilize interactive discussions, role-playing and team-building activities to make learning these skills fun and enjoyable.

All groups are held at the clinic at 1419 N. Ninth St., Stroudsburg. For more information, or to find out when a specific group meets, please call 570-424-7644.

KidsPeace is proud to celebrate 130 years of giving hope, help and healing to children, families and communities. For more information, like our Facebook page at or follow us on Twitter @KidsPeace.


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