Aug. 28, 2012

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 Foster mom, 79, enjoys skydiving, caring for kids in need 


BENNETT, N.C. – Jean Murray is not your typical foster mom. The feisty woman who has been bringing children into her home for two decades is gearing up for her 80th birthday next year. Her celebratory plans include skydiving.

“You’ve got to experience it. It’s an experience that’s indescribable and just wonderful,” she said. “The day I turned 70 was my first time.”

For Murray, who describes herself as “lively,” jumping out of a plane was just one more way for her to express her sense of adventure. She takes chances day in and day out with her work through KidsPeace as a therapeutic foster parent.

“To me, keeping kids is exciting. It keeps me young and healthy and going,” she said.

While Murray has helped countless children through the years, she is humble, saying she just gives them love and discipline.

“There’s so many kids out here that need us,” she said. “No matter what your age, if you have love in your heart for kids, then you’re qualified.”

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