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There are thousands of kids’ success stories that inspire and reward staff members who often say, “This is why I come to work every day.” 

With an extended family of nearly 2300 nationwide staff, KidsPeace provides mental and behavioral health services to children and teens who need help overcoming issues that interfere with their ability to thrive and effectively progress toward independent adulthood.

Our employees are committed to KidsPeace because they know that they are helping kids heal and grow every day. They feel appreciated for their hard work and know that they have many opportunities for advancement. They receive strong support, training, education and recognition for their skills and efforts. Staff share the same goals and determination to form strong bonds as they work together to help children in their care. KidsPeace is a charitable organization that has been serving children in crisis since 1882.

Employees are all trained in “The KidsPeace Way,” which is a consistent environment and philosophy that provides a familiar operating atmosphere and continuity of care that make transfer between locations and programs smooth and simple for both clients and employees. KidsPeace encourages advancement, growth and job satisfaction for all staff members. Our employees find KidsPeace a rewarding and exciting place to work that offers unequaled experience for individuals who share our commitment to helping kids in crisis. Contact KidsPeace today to learn about the opportunities that await you.











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