May 14, 2012

Contact: Bevin Theodore, Director of PR & Communications



Epiphany Project at KidsPeace uses experiential education to encourage self-discovery  

North Whitehall Township – The Epiphany Project is all about encouraging people to step outside of their comfort zones and embrace adventure as a means of facilitating positive change in their lives. 

The experiential education project is being offered to KidsPeace residents to help them support each other on their path to self-discovery. Participants in the nine-week program meet once a week for about four hours each time. In addition to group discussions, the members take hikes, play games and keep a journal of their experience. 

The core values of the program are safety, commitment, respect, responsibility, a positive attitude, an open mind and support. The teenagers have to undergo interviews and be accepted into the program, and each participant is expected to support other members and hold everyone accountable. 

The Epiphany Project uses various tools to engage participants and get them to change their patterns of thinking. One that has been particularly well received is LOOP IT UP, which assists with conflict resolution: 

L: Leader?

O: Our topic?

O: Observation or feedback?

P: Plan? If no plan’s needed, skip the next two steps.

I: Initiate the plan.

T: Timeframe?

U: Understand?

P: Peace out or Pause, depending on if the group needs to revisit the loop 

Epiphany Project sessions generally run 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays. Please call or email to set up a time to visit a group and talk to the participants and leaders, including Mike Brady, who created the program.

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