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KidsPeace Foster Care – It’s Different Here

There are thousands of children waiting – waiting for foster homes where they will feel safe and loved. These kids come in all shapes, sizes and ages and with a tremendous range of needs. One thing that they have in common is that they are facing some kind of crisis and need love, understanding, acceptance and care. They need YOU.

Do not be misled: Being a foster parent can be a difficult job, and your life will change when you take in a foster child. But the rewards are enormous: helping a child who really needs you; making a huge difference in that child’s life; giving and receiving love; witnessing the growth and enrichment of a child in need; teaching and learning with your foster child; adding a child to your household to be loved by the entire family; providing stability to a child who may never have had it before; becoming part of a community that cares deeply about the safety and happiness of all children.

KidsPeace has an exemplary reputation for the support and training our offices provide to foster parents. We carefully match foster children to families where they will fit in and thrive. We are in constant communication with our foster families; staff members are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We support our foster families with visits, group sessions, respite care, patience and understanding. Our staff members have smaller caseloads than other organizations, which promotes close relationships with foster children and parents and accessibility when they are needed.  KidsPeace's foster care model is unique.  It is both based on the latest research and rooted in long-term experience.  We focus upon increasing the resiliency of the children in our care and use evidence-based practices (such as tools and techniques from a system called "Together Facing the Challenge") to help our kids overcome risk factors & trauma.  As a result they learn to both feel better and do better.  As foster parents with KidsPeace you make a difference not only in the present, but in the rest of the children's lives too.

Training is extensive and thorough. KidsPeace foster parents never feel that they are alone or adrift in a sea of paperwork and bureaucracy. And added training is available that is individualized and specific to the needs of each foster child. Foster parents have resources at their fingertips and professionals to talk to day or night. Additionally, they receive a generous allowance to cover the foster child’s expenses.

If you have ever considered becoming a foster parent, now is the time to contact KidsPeace. The need has never been greater, and a special child is waiting for you.

Interested in becoming a Foster Parent? CLICK HERE, or make direct contact with the local office in the area where you seek to place the child. 


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