A Special Bond

KidsPeace Foster Care Success Stories

KidsPeace Foster Care recruits and builds long-term relationships with the very special people who are our foster parents. We chose them for their commitment and their desire to improve the lives of children who need loving homes. They eagerly participate in vigorous training, rearrange their homes and schedules and open their hearts to the children we place with them for short-term or long-term stays. We closely match family dynamics to the individual needs of each child and experience great success in terms of bonds that form between foster families and foster children. We support them and are there for them 24/7 if they need us, and they trust our highly experienced staff. There are many wonderful stories about KidsPeace foster parents, and we are delighted to share profiles of several of these special people who open their hearts and homes to children in great need. Some of them go on to adopt children, while others help their foster children heal and grow and reunite with their biological families.

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5 Siblings Find Forever Homes

Five siblings were in need of adoptive homes. One of our foster parents recruited three other families to KidsPeace Foster Care, and together, the families adopted all five children through KidsPeace. They all live in the same town and most attend the same church, so the siblings get to see each other often and celebrate birthdays and holidays in a big happy group. One of the mothers candidly tells her unique story and discusses her motivation. Read more about this amazing extended family.

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Fostering Medically Fragile Children

Many children with severe disabilities and medical problems are placed in foster care. One very special family lovingly cares for several of these children through KidsPeace Foster Care and makes them feel loved and happy. They added a special suite to their home to make bathing and moving around easier for their kids and currently have 4 medically fragile children in their care and have adopted or are in the process of adopting them all. Doctors are amazed at how these children are thriving in the home and the progress they are making developmentally. Learn how one family is helping these children to thrive.

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Foster Care for Mother and Daughter

Teenage mothers to be are often placed in foster care to ensure they learn how to care for themselves and their babies. In this case, the baby was born with severe disabilities to a teen. The KidsPeace foster mother cared for both, and, after the baby’s mother decided to leave foster care, the foster mother continued to care for the baby and is in the process of adopting her. The little girl is beginning to make sounds and crawl and may soon be walking, milestones doctors thought she would never attain. Learn more about this young child's successes.

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Foster Father Makes Dream Come True

A young boy suffered from abuse and neglect and responded with outbursts, bad behavior and anxiety. His foster father gave him unconditional love and helped him through disruptive visits with his birth mother that would frequently set him back. The boy healed and improved greatly and yearned for a permanent home. For Christmas this year, his foster father gave him the greatest gift of love the boy could imagine. Read more about how this young boy's holiday wish came true.

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Foster Child Crowned Cotillion Queen

A teen had been in the system for a long time before she was placed with KidsPeace for therapeutic foster care. Her foster family worked long and hard to help her overcome her issues and deal with her problems. The teen was embraced by the foster family’s extended family and church, and her healing hastened. She was asked to be the church’s representative at a cotillion and went through extensive training in etiquette and dancing. To everyone’s delight, she was crowned Cotillion Queen and also appeared in a Christmas parade — a true Cinderella story. Read more about this crowning achievement.

*Names changed to protect privacy