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KidsPeace Foster Care News, Winter 2011

Dear KidsPeace Foster Parents and Associates,
This difficult year is rapidly coming to an end, and we all know that there will be even more budget cutbacks for foster care services in 2012. This means that we all must become more creative in stretching the funds we do have to provide the best possible care to our foster children.

KidsPeace is so grateful to all of our dedicated foster parents who partner with us to help our children and teens heal and grow and have all the opportunities we can give them to succeed. We thank you for your commitment to the kids. We know that your job is not easy and, at times, can be very difficult. But you persevere and give from your hearts and we thank you so very much.

Our KidsPeace Foster Care and Community Programs associates are an incredible group of professionals who always go above and beyond to meet your needs and the needs of our kids. They readily give their time and creativity to plan and carry out fundraisers and conduct group activities to ensure that we are a cohesive community with one goal: to gives our foster kids a chance.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our referral agencies for entrusting us with their kids. We realize that your funds are shrinking constantly while more kids flow into the foster care system and strain your resources. Our relationships will remain strong throughout the next year and for years to come.

As you will read in the following articles, KidsPeace works hard to offer programs to our foster teens to help them prepare for independent living. We all know the statistics and that many of our foster teens face great hardships once they age out of the system. We do all we can to teach them how to apply for jobs, rent apartments, open checking accounts and become self reliant. I am convinced that, by working together, we can give these kids a chance.

Happy holidays to all, and thank you again for all that you do for our kids.

Ray Culp


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