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KidsPeace operates a number of facilities for treating youth and their families across the Lehigh Valley. Briefly, KidsPeace offers:
KidsPeace Psychiatric Hospital - KidsPeace Psychiatric Hospital is a one-of-a-kind facility, dedicated solely to healing and addressing the unique mental and behavioral health care needs of kids and young adults experiencing severe crises. The 68-bed hospital is located in Orefield, Pennsylvania, on the Orchard Hills Campus, a safe, secure countryside setting of more than 260 acres. On-site classrooms, indoor and outdoor athletic facilities and common rooms contribute to a structured environment where clients feel supported and protected. With unique short-term programs tailored to children, preadolescents and teens and young adults ages, KidsPeacePsychiatric Hospital brings hope to clients who were once considered unreachable…Orchard Hills Campus, Orefield, PA.

Residential Programs – 

Diagnostic Programs - Crisis stabilization is provided in a staff-intensive, 24-hour, campus-based environment for clients experiencing emotional, behavioral and social adaptation problems. This short-term program accepts children and adolescents with most DSM-IV psychiatric conditions and provides psychiatric, physical/nursing assessments and clinical review.

Behavior Disorders - Highly structured, staff secure, reality and cognitively behaviorally base specialized residential treatment program serving clients with behavior disorder issues. The program helps residents accept responsibility for inappropriate behavior, identify maladaptive behavior patterns, increase social sensitivity, develop empathy for victims and train in pro-social skills and self-discipline.

Intensive Residential (RTF) - Highly individualized, self-contained, staff-secure, 24-hour psychiatric care for clients requiring more intensive clinical, recreational and educational services and supervision than standard residential care. Provides appropriate individual intervention to assist clients with multiple psychiatric diagnoses who exhibit moderate to severe symptomatology or have histories of unsuccessful or repeated placement or hospitalizations to function in less restrictive settings.

MH/MR "KidsHope Program (RTF) - Highly individualized, self-contained, structured 24-hour clinical, educational and psychiatric care for low functioning adolescents (FS IQ = 50–70) with behavior disorders whose adaptive functioning prevents success in less restrictive settings. The program strives to improve impulse control, social judgment and interpersonal skills using applied behavior modification and provides closely supervised, highly structured educational services in a self-contained classroom.

Sexual Issues (RTF) - This self-contained, highly structured, staff-secure, intensive residential treatment program provides services to male adolescents with sexually abusive/reactive issues that prevent appropriate functioning in less restrictive settings. The program focuses on helping clients accept responsibility for behaviors, identify maladaptive behavioral patterns, increase social sensitivity, develop empathy for victims and learn long-term accountability and self-discipline.

Therapeutic Residential - Highly structured psychiatric care for clients requiring 24-hour clinical, residential and educational services and supervision, focusing on impulse control, social judgment and interpersonal skills and identifying key issues preventing clients from functioning in less restrictive settings due to depression, suicidal gesturing, substance abuse, sexual abuse or problems with bonding or interacting. Educational and therapeutic residential care takes place on a campus or in the community.

Outpatient Services  

Autism Services - Autism is a condition that touches 1 in 110 children born in the US today. Autism diagnostic services are often difficult to   find and have long waiting times for an appointment. KidsPeace offers an autism diagnostic service that is thorough, educational to parents and has a short wait for an appointment. Once a diagnosis is made, KidsPeace provides services that include: BHRS, which is in-home care by an expert in Applied Behavior Analysis; an after school program that helps autistic children develop social skills in structured yet fun environment; and Sarah's Smile, a summer program that provides a camp like environment to practice socialization and verbal skills while taking field trips, hosting visitors and generally having a wonderful time.

 • Acute Partial Hospitalization - An alternative to youth at risk for inpatient psychiatric hospitalization due to difficulty functioning in school, at home and in the community or a step-down service after inpatient care. The program provides intensive interdisciplinary mental health services on an outpatient basis and is divided into groups of 6–12 year olds and 13–18 year olds. Services include psychiatric evaluations, substance abuse screening, tutoring, medication monitoring, behavior modification, case management and individual, group and family therapy.

Partial Hospitalization - Intensive individual, group and family therapy treatment in a year-round school setting for youth exhibiting severe behavioral problems and at risk for inpatient placement or who are stepping down from inpatient treatment or residential care. Clients may exhibit severe behavioral problems and have ADHD, or oppositional defiant, conduct, or mood disorders and may have deficits in self-image and social and interpersonal skills.

Schools - In addition to services provided to Special Education students, specific additional weekly courses such as Human Growth and Development, Ethics and Citizenship, Hygiene and Healthy Lifestyles, Transition to Work Skills, Life Management, reinforcement of transitioning, assistance with specific academic and behavioral needs, crisis counseling and specialized interventions such as “Thinking for a Change.”

Intensive Outpatient - Intensive mental health services to clients experiencing difficulty functioning in the community environment, providing intensive individual, family and group therapy on an ambulatory basis within the social support system. Therapy focuses on symptom reduction and eliminating the need for more restrictive treatment and offers ongoing support following discharge from inpatient, partial hospitalization or residential care, empowering clients to achieve and maintain the skills to function positively in their communities.

Outpatient Mental Health Clinic - Services include individual, group and family therapy; psychiatric evaluations, consultations; and medication monitoring for clients with DSM-IV diagnoses and medical necessity who may be having difficulty functioning in the community, home or school – Allentown, PA.

• School-Based Therapy -  KidsPeace provides a team of 3 on-site mental health workers within the Easton, PA, Area School District for the 180-day school year. Services are delivered in 2 adjoining rooms at the designated building where Room #1 serves as a crisis/triage room, and Room #2 serves as a therapy room where individual and small group therapy can be delivered. Services include: Intake; Biopsychosocial Evaluation; Daily on-site mental health check-in as prescribed per student (individual therapy as needed); Coordinated admission to the KidsPeace Psychiatric Hospital as clinically indicated; Facilitation of 201 process; Collaboration with the Home/School Visitors Program; Direct consultation with out-of-school placement staff for identified students; Re-integration service for students returning to the district from out-of-school placement; Psychological Evaluations as needed; and Mental Health training and consultation with school personnel.



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