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Public Awareness

Annual occasions such as National KidsDay® held the first Sunday each August, National Family Month® (Mother’s Day to Father’s Day), and National Foster Care Month (May) spotlight kids and families, and encourage communities across the nation to make children a priority.

National KidsDay, a national KidsPeace-created celebration of meaningful time spent with America’s children, was marked for the thirteenth consecutive year at locations across the country. In the spirit of the day, children received the undivided attention of their parents, relatives, educators, and communities. Adults far and wide tooktime out to give their children the precious shared moments and beautiful memories together they deserve all year round.

Various other events held periodically throughout the year by our 65 KidsPeace centers focus on improving the health and happiness of children.

National Family Month is a congressionally recognized celebration created by KidsPeace to raise awareness and underscore the importance of family – kids, mothers, fathers, relatives and caregivers – and to encourage supporting one another. National Family Month, which runs from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day each year, provides an opportunity for families to share special time together, to develop or renew relationships, to identify or rediscover needs, and to remind everyone of the importance of family involvement in raising healthy, confident kids for America’s future. KidsPeace works with individuals, grass-roots organizations and enlightened corporate partners to develop ideas and campaigns that reach Americans nationwide with information that builds stronger families.


America’s unique, personalized, anonymous and safe Internet resource to help kids face and overcome life’s daily challenges.

TeenCentral.Net is a unique Web site developed by KidsPeace. The site connects teens to other teens from around the country and throughout the world and to a wealth of problem-solving resources just for kids. TeenCentral.Net is a safe place for teens to:

  • Tell their story and read stories from other kids who relate to the same feelings
  • Hear from peers who respond with support, encouragement and direction
  • Receive feedback from professionals who can offer guidance in making decisions
  • Find books, movies, music, hotline numbers and organizations that can help
  • Develop confidence in their own abilities and personal worth.

Designed to work interactively, the Web site helps teens identify personal problems, determines their emotional and physical state and provides a professional perspective. Using new software provided through a development partnership with Microsoft, the site builds a profile of the user and links the teen to individually selected stories by other teens and to stories from famous entertainers, sports stars and other celebrities who’ve been through some of the same situations and have come out on the other side. TeenCentral.Net was named one of the six most innovative and constructive uses of Microsoft software in 1999, Yahoo! named TeenCentral.Net the best teen site on the Internet and USA Today called TeenCentral.Net a best bet for educators. TeenCentral.Net really is a place where teens can log on and work it out!


ParentCentral.Net is a website that offers parents anonymity and information. It also offers professional help with some of the challenges they face in raising their children. When a parent feels overwhelmed, at a loss, discouraged or wants to give up - ParentCentral.Net offers help that provides hope and promise. It’s free, private and gives answers to your problems and questions within 24-hours. 

Professional Development from The KidsPeace Institute

Enlightening strategies. Bright ideas. Illuminating insights. Welcome to the KidsPeace Institute.

We believe that quality continuing education, training and development are vital for everyone who works with children and adolescents. It is in support of this philosophy, that the KidsPeace Institute offers a comprehensive variety of conferences, workshops, seminars and presentations to those who work with our nation's kids. We believe that these tools will increase the quality of the behavioral health care that children's professionals deliver.


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