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Residential Programs

The decision to place a child in residential care is not an easy one for the child or the guardians. However, sometimes it is necessary in order to provide the child with the comprehensive therapeutic support he or she needs to overcome crisis. KidsPeace’s residential campuses provide essential food, clothing, and education along with intensive therapy, life-skills training, work training, and therapeutic recreation – all in an atmosphere that simulates the warmth and comfort of home.

KidsPeace therapy programs include state-of-the-art-counseling and therapeutic services that use art, music, recreation, puppetry, and drama to encourage creativity and expression, which in turn help to promote healing and restore a child’s belief in his ability to triumph over adversity and become healthy and whole again.

KidsPeace’s therapeutic recreation facilities include baseball and soccer fields, a swimming pool (in PA and MN), a gymnasium, running tracks, sledding hills for winter fun, a ropes courses (in PA and GA) and other recreational activities that help restore childhood to children.

Our residential campuses are located in Georgia, Maine, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania.

KidsPeace National Centers of GA, Bowdon, GA
Orchard Hills Campus, Orefield, PA
Broadway Campus, Bethlehem, PA
Graham Lake Campus, Ellsworth, ME
KidsPeace Mesabi Academy, Buhl, MN

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We have just returned from dropping our daughter off at her new placement, but we did not want this day to end without saying thank-you to you for her wonderful counselor and all she did for our daughter and us. From moment one, we felt her genuineness and care. On the day we arrived, she dropped what she was doing to spend time with us during the admission process and listen to our story. We felt such confidence in her as a clinician and as a human being. 

In a patterned way, she treated our daughter and us with respect and even had the gift to be able to make us feel like we were the only family in her care. On the phone, in emails and face to face, she always gave us quality time...and often plenty of it!  On New Year's Day, we were to visit and go out with our daughter, but poor weather kept us home. We left word about this for our counselor. On New Year's morning, we got a phone call from KidsPeace. This wonderful woman had come in at 7 AM to tell our daughter the bad news and brought hot chocolate and donuts to sooth the disappointment. Remarkable!

We were constantly touched by her professionalism and skill as a clinician. What may have been more impressive was how she did her job: her ability to listen, understand, not judge, affirm, support, guide, be direct and empathize. In a word, she made us feel safe.

Thank you.

Thank you for sending me [ the KidsPeace Customer Relations] survey. I’m glad to see the follow-up after treating a child. My son is doing “wonderful” since being at KidsPeace. He’s now in a private school, paid for by the public school district because they thought him to be a severe behavioral issue. He loves his new school and feels cared about, as he did when he was at KidsPeace. I feel the stay at KidsPeace helped a lot in saving the life of my child. I didn’t think he’d be able to live at home anymore, and he can and is doing wonderful. We would definitely use your services again if needed. We used another facility five years prior to KidsPeace and were not at all satisfied. Thank you so much for making the difference in my son’s life!


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