Insights and Advice for Turbulent Times

Dear Reader,

I am very pleased to have this opportunity to introduce myself to the loyal readers of Healing Magazine®. I am Will Isemann, the new President and CEO of KidsPeace, an organization that has been helping kids in crisis for more than 126 years. I am honored to have been chosen by the Board of Directors to lead this wonderful nonprofit organization through these times when financial expertise will mean so much to our continued growth in this tough economy.

It is my privilege to introduce this issue of our award-winning magazine, which focuses on the affects of trauma and grief on our children, emotionally, physically and psychologically. Long-time contributor Linda Goldman, an expert in the field of grief, writes about recognizing and healing trauma, while one of our clinicians addresses helping children grieve after loss. We also introduce a trauma-based residential cultural model called Sanctuary®, which KidsPeace believes in so strongly that we have begun rolling it out as a philosophy on which to base treatment in our residential settings. We present a scientific description of how trauma physically alters the development of the brain and an article that discusses how to help children express their grief.

Dr. Peter Langman, our Clinical Director of PA Residential Programs, is interviewed to provide valuable information on how school administrators and educators can identify and evaluate risks posed by students who could be showing signs of becoming rampage school shooters. Our faithful friend and award-winning author Ellen Notbohm writes about decisions that have to be made in terms of the colleges or other training options to pursue, and how this can be particularly difficult for children with cognitive challenges. We also present an article on the frightening realities of adolescent suicide that every parent should read, and we include a number of our most popular and helpful “Top Ten” tips from a variety of KidsPeace Institute training seminars and workshops.

Healing Magazine has been providing current, relevant information to clinicians, social workers, educators, referral agencies and parents for over a decade, and we welcome your input, suggestions and articles. Our next issue will be focusing on Autism, a subject that is increasingly important to all of us as the number of diagnosed children increases at an alarming rate. If you are not on our mailing list, be sure to sign up soon so that you do not miss any upcoming issues.

I look forward to corresponding with you in future issues and invite you to contact KidsPeace with any questions you might have about our organization or to learn more about the services we offer around the country. Please visit our Web site at For more information about how to access our services, please contact or call 800-25-PEACE and ask for a Customer Relations Liaison.

Thank you for your continued readership.

Will Isemann,