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Troubled youth find hope in Residential Treatment Centers

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teen-counselor-therapyBy Denise Morganthall


Being the parent of a troubled teen or adolescent may be one of the most difficult challenges you will face during your lifetime. It is crucial that your child gets the treatment needed before it is too late.


Adolescence is a very crucial time of a child’s life as it is a time to prepare for adulthood. This period is difficult enough without having your child experiencing ‘”abnormal” behaviors. Parents often think this troublesome behavior is a phase that will cease. However, it is not worth waiting until your child transitions into adulthood since the recovery period will be more difficult. As the old adage says, “the sooner the better.” Early intervention is the key to a positive outcome.


But parents may not know where to turn for help/ Residential Treatment Centers (RTCs), have been known to provide successful outcomes for children and families. They are not for every child, however in some cases these centers can be the “turning point” to a child’s success and recovery.


An RTC is a facility that specializes in the treatment of a number of mental health issues. RTCs are dedicated to the complete rehabilitation of your struggling child. Placing a child in a residential setting may make parents feel guilty they are sending their child away, but sometimes removing your child from the family environment is necessary for a successful recovery. Also keep in mind that RTCs support family involvement because professionals know that family plays a large role in the success of the child’s treatment and healing process.  RTCs are also temporary, with the goal of having the child return home upon successful completion of the treatment program.


An RTC offers a personal atmosphere where your child is in the company of others who suffer from similar issues. Living and undergoing treatment with other youth experiencing similar difficulties provides a strong support structure, which results in better awareness, faster healing and personal growth. The children are able to share feats and defeats and encourage one another.


An important advantage of an RTC is that the environment may be less threatening and more healing than a psychiatric hospital. Children in an RTC setting often function like a family, and it allows for a much deeper connection between the child and the treatment team. An RTC provides food, clothing, individual and group therapy, therapeutic recreation and social and life skills training. The children also attend schools that meet the education requirements placed by the Board of Education so there is no danger of them falling behind in their studies.


If you are a parent of a troubled teen, perhaps an RTC is the solution to your problem. Kidspeace offers residential treatment in four states and has a proven success rate for more than 130 years. Treatment is essential as it provides the tools needed by youth in crisis to turn their lives around. As always, KidsPeace is there to give hope, help and healing to children, families and communities.


Photo credit: Lisa F. Young/iStock Photos/Thinkstock


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