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Peer mentors help pave the way to successful recovery

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By Denise Morganthall


peer-mentors-kidspeaceWhen you were a student, you may recall having had a peer mentor. This was someone you could look up to and turn to when you needed advice or were unsure of something. Maybe you had the opportunity to be a mentor for someone else as well. Peer mentors are becoming increasingly common in the mental health field and have been known to provide mental health patients with a successful recovery.


Peer mentors are a supplemental service to the primary care a patient receives. Here are some advantages a peer mentor can offer:

  • Peer mentors have first-hand knowledge of what their mentees are experiencing, in that they had the same diagnoses and understand the pain and frustrations of what they are enduring. They are able to give sound advice and share how they overcame their illness.
  • Peer mentors will teach basic life skills, such as how to get a bus, how to access a bank and where to buy groceries.
  • Peer mentors will provide hope and motivation, which pave the way to recovery.

We all need encouragement at some point during our lives. Who better to give it than those who have been through it before, know how tough it can be and have a proven track record of overcoming difficulties and moving forward with their lives?

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