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Beat the mid-winter blues by focusing on spring

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winterBy Denise Morganthall


The mid-winter blues are common at the time of year. We all gather indoors, breathe dry furnace air and daylight is scarce. The February blahs can bring about mood swings, depression, sleep deprivation, lethargy and a number of other ailments.


To add to the February blues is what we would least expect – Valentine’s Day. I thought that was all about love, togetherness, candy and cards, but this is not always the case. Valentine’s Day can bring severe feelings of loneliness, disconnection and inadequacy, along with pressure to have a significant other. It’s a day that triggers some questioning about relationships and whether they are for real.


Just remember, Valentine’s Day can be fun without a significant other. Have fun with it – send funny cards to friends or children and buy yourself a gift. If you do experience any of these common feelings, know that you are not alone.


There is light at the end of the tunnel, as spring is on the way. Let’s think “February RENEWS” instead of focusing on the “February blues.” We’ll get through this together.

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