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Alcohol Awareness Site on TeenCentral.Net and ParentCentral.Net

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The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board awarded KidsPeace a grant to produce a section for both TeenCentral.Net and ParentCentral.Net on Underage Drinking Awareness.


We have completed these sections and they are filled with very important information. Teens can benefit from this interactive section and can learn about the dangers of drinking and even why it is best to avoid it. Most people don't even realize when they have a problem and this complicates their situation because unless they realize there is a problem, they can't take steps to correct it. When teens go partying and overindulge, they often lose their ability to make good decisions. They can get into fights, end up with alcohol poisoning and even drive while under the influence. Any one of these can, at best, complicate their lives. At worst, it can take their lives.


Now, this is not meant to scare our teens or their parents, it is simply stating the facts. Both teens and parents have to learn as much as they can so that one or the other can make the best choices. Teens can learn why they should avoid drinking and parents can help the teens if and when they start to show signs of a problem. Recognizing a problem early is key to avoiding major issues later. Parents can learn how to deal with a son or daughter who is  experimenting or even involved with alcohol and how to get them help. While this may appear to be overkill, any time you deal with something that can potentially cause harm to a loved one or they can be responsible for hurting someone else, you can never do too much.


TeenCentral.Net is here for your teens and now, through ParentCentral.Net, we are here for parents. Together we can make some great changes and help our teens grow to their fullest potential. Log on -- work it out.

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