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ParentCentral.Net Arms Parents with the Information They Need, When They Need It

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ParentCentral.Net Arms Parents with the Information They Need, When They Need It

Good parenting is very subjective. Who is to say that one person is superior to another in such a personal role? Families are more untraditional today than ever before, meaning that it is even more difficult to apply labels to a parent.
• Is a child being cared for better because there are two parents in the household? Not necessarily.
• Is a child eating a good diet and getting enough rest and exercise? Hard to tell if he or she is in day care.
• Do you spend enough time with your child? What is enough? If a parent is working 2 jobs to make ends meet, he or she is really tired and may not have time to just play.
• Does your child watch too much television or chat with friends on the computer too much? What is too much – an hour, 3 hours?
• Do you have time to monitor him or her to make sure he or she isn’t viewing inappropriate subject matter? You can put alerts or controls on the television or computer, but there are ways around such things.
• How do you discipline your children? You know that you should never strike or shake a child as punishment or make him or her consume something that will harm him or make her sick. You can also harm children by yelling and screaming and making afraid of you.
• Does your child witness abuse between you and your spouse or other family members? That should never happen; studies show that seeing such behavior can be very traumatic to your child.
• How is your child doing in school? Have her grades changed recently? Is he getting in trouble or being suspended from school?
• Are you a grandparent or aunt or uncle raising a child because the parent isn’t up to the task? Would this child be better off in foster care or living with you in a modest home?

ParentCentral.Net hears questions like these all the time and understands the concerns of parents or parent figures. If you need some reassurance or advice on parenting, you can write your story and send it to ParentCentral.Net. Within 24 hours, you will receive a response to your post that has been written by a trained counselor and reviewed by a Master’s or Doctorate level expert.

The reply you receive will give you an objective assessment of your problem and provide you with resources you can contact for more information. You may also receive responses from other parents who have been through the same issues you are facing. These are also reviewed by our professionals before being posted anonymously.

These services are safe and free and can help you get through a difficult time. ParentCentral.Net also contains articles on different parenting issues as well as podcasts that speak to the kinds of issues you and your child are facing. No subject is taboo, so you can feel comfortable discussing questions you have about sexuality, drug and alcohol use, abuse, punishment or your relationship with your child.

ParentCentral.Net was developed to meet the needs of the many parents who often wrote into TeenCentral.Net, a website that has been advising teens since the late 1990s. Also anonymous and free, TeenCentral.Net helps teens with any concerns they choose to write about, from trouble with a boyfriend to teen pregnancy to bullying to body image. We believe that every question is deserves a respectfully answer not matter what the topic. This is why TeenCentral.Net has nearly 500,000 members and has been helping teens for well over a decade.

Now parents have a site of their own site, their own podcasts, their own informational articles and their own resources. ParentCentral.Net will help get you through whatever issues you face, safely and with total privacy. Log in today.

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