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KidsPeace Encourages Celebration of National KidsDay® August 7, 2011

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National KidsDay®, celebrated this year on August 7, was created by KidsPeace to encourage adults to spend meaningful time with America’s children, and to celebrate their inherent worth and value. Recognized by the U.S. Congress and endorsed by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, National KidsDay is a registered trademark of KidsPeace to ensure the day is always used for the benefit of children.

National KidsDay is an opportunity to:
• Celebrate childhood
• Demonstrate our commitment to nurturing children
• Inspire our nation, our communities and our families to love and appreciate children
• To prepare our children for a healthy, happy, successful future.

Why America Needs National KidsDay
For decades, children across America asked their parents, grandparents and guardians why America celebrates "Mother's Day" and "Father's Day," but has no "Kid's Day." National KidsDay fills that gap and seeks to provide a reminder of children's year-round need for meaningful time and interactions with adults
How to Celebrate
• Family Scavenger Hunt

• Look at old family pictures

• Play Charades

• Neighborhood Carnival

• Take a Hike

• Have a Picnic

• Enjoy a Movie Day

• Volunteer together

• Do something nice for a neighbor

• Plan a Menu

• Attend a Sports Event

• Have an Arts and Crafts Day

Who Supports National KidsDay?
Retro Bill, Celebrity KidsPeace Spokesperson
"Stuff comes and goes, but meaningful time together is forever. I encourage parents, adults and children to use National KidsDay as an opportunity to mark the importance of time well spent together."

Dr. Lewis P. Lipsitt, famed Brown University Child Development pioneer and National Director of the KidsPeace Lee Salk Center for Research

"National KidsDay is an enlightened idea that promises to benefit children today, as well as for years to come. This special day reminds us of the high esteem in which we hold our children. By dedicating a special day for children, National KidsDay promotes ever-increasing attachments between parents and kids.”

U.S. Conference of Mayors
The United States Conference of Mayors endorses and supports National KidsDay and encourages all Americans to participate in National KidsDay celebrations.

Whereas there is an epidemic of children in crisis in the United States caused by the increased stresses on children from contemporary society, which can even include instances of child abuse and neglect; Whereas KidsPeace is the oldest, most successful, and most comprehensive not-for-profit organization dedicated solely to helping children attain the confidence and develop the courage necessary to confront and overcome crisis; Whereas these celebrations can provide opportunities for parents, grandparents and caregivers to recognize the importance of being involved in the physical and emotional lives of their children: Now, therefore be it resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That the Congress:

1. Recognizes the importance of children and families to the future of the United States;

2. Expresses support for the goals of National KidsDay and National Family Month, as established by KidsPeace; and

3. Encourages the people of the United States to participate in local and national activities and celebrations recognizing National KidsDay and National Family Month. - The U.S. House of Representatives October 8, 1998 (excerpt)

KidsPeace is a 129-year-old national children’s charity dedicated to helping America’s kids avoid and overcome the kinds of crises that can strike any child – from traumas to neglect, depression and the stresses of modern life. Founded in 1882 in Bethlehem, PA, KidsPeace helps thousands of children a day at centers across the country and millions more through public education and outreach with the support of its national spokespeople and other notables. KidsPeace was called “the outstanding organization” of its kind by the American Association of Psychiatric Services for Children and “a prototype of what we need for all children everywhere” by family expert Dr. Lee Salk. For more information, go to

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