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KidsPeace is delighted to announce the launch of its new website for parents, www.ParentCentral.Net from the creators of TeenCentral.Net. This new site is a response to the many emails received by KidsPeace on the corporate website,, and through TeenCentral.Net from parents who are in need of advice about their parenting issues. The new site also supports the KidsPeace mission of providing hope, help and healing to children, families and communities. KidsPeace invites you to visit ParentCentral.Net and register today. Then start posting about your parenting issues, questions and observations and communicate with counselors and parenting professionals and receive answers to your questions within 24 hours.

 Dr. Julius Licata developed TeenCentral.Net in 1998 to respond to the needs of teens around the world who needed a safe, anonymous place to openly discuss their problems and receive advice from specially trained counselors. Licata recognized the same need for assistance in the parents who contacted KidsPeace through TeenCentral.Net and KidsPeace.Org to seek answers to their questions.

“We designed ParentCentral.Net much like TeenCentral.Net,” Licata said. “Parents write to us about their parenting problems or issues they may be having with their children and receive sound advice and guidance from our counselors.”  Emails are posted on the site, along with replies they receive, to help other parents or guardians with similar issues.

“Parents drive the content of the site,” Licata added. “No subject is off limits. We respond to parent questions and answers once they are reviewed by a counselor.” The site also contains podcasts on important subjects like how to speak with your son or daughter, dating, peer pressure and how to have a healthy relationship with your child.

The site also features articles and discussions about punishment, suicide prevention, dating violence, self-control, preventing child abuse and parenting standards. Helplines are listed and the content is updated weekly. “Visit ParentCentral.Net and discover all that the site has to offer. It’s free, anonymous and a wonderful resource to guide parents everywhere,” Licata added.

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