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TeenCentral.Net Director Increases Awareness of Site on Webcast

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Today between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m., TeenCentral.Net Director Julius Licata and KidsPeace Advancement Director Sharon McCarthy will appear on a webcast of America's Web Radio on a show called "A Woman's Spirit," which is available across the country. The show focuses on family issues, and Sharon and Julius talked about KidsPeace and all of the services we provide to children, families and communities. Julius discussed TeenCentral.Net and how the site helps teens cope with the problems they face.


With more than 590,000 members, TeenCentral.Net provides a forum for teens to write in about what bothers them and receive answers within 24 hours from highly trained volunteers whose posts are reviewed by Master's level professionals before appearing on the site. "Because TeenCentral.Net is safe and anonymous, teens can express their private thoughts and receive great free advice that is tailored specifically for them," Licata says. "Other teens read about what their peers are experiencing and benefit from the advice. Many teens write their own advice to help out other teens, and, according to Licata, these get posted as well after Master's level counselors read the posts and ensure that their contents are appropriate." Celebrities like actress Amanda Seyfried and famous athletes or popular singers also tell their stories on TeenCentral.Net so that teens can see that their lives are not that different from those of the people they look up to. Licata also discussed all of the resources available on the site for teens, including special pages on obesity, smoking cessation and domestic violence, as well as news just for teens, suggested reading and giveaways.


The webcast will be aired on Wed., June 30, from 2:00-3:00 p.m., and be available to hear any time thereafter at

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